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Isaan Dictionary English Isaan (Isan) Dictionary Here at LivingHour.org we have several new Thai language books and eBooks in the works, in addition to our new Original Thai-English Cognate Dictionary & Thai Language Learning Tool. One such book is the first handy English-Isaan Dictionary. Isaan (sometimes spelled Isan, Isarn, or Esarn) is the name for the Northeast region of Thailand. Home to over 20 million Thais, it is the largest region of Thailand. While few Western and Asian tourists ever make it up to this part of Thailand, more foreign retirees are finding the Isaan area a quiet, simple, and beautiful place in which to settle down.

The Isaan people share much in common with their Laos neighbors, who are separated from Thailand’s northeast by the Mekong River. The Lao influence can be found in the culture, food, and of course the language–the Isaan dialect being quite similar to Lao. While Isaan sometimes has the reputation of not being the most beautiful place in Thailand, many areas are quite lush with forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Especially nice is the cool season, which in Isaan is actually quite cool compared to Bangkok and central Thailand.

Although the Isaan people do learn Thai while in school, the Isaan language is what is always spoken at home and among friends. So, if you are thinking of settling down in an Isaan province such as Buriram, Kalasin, Khon Kaen, Loei, Nong Khai, Sakon Nakhon, or Udon Thani (to name a few), our new Isaan Dictionary will be a valuable tool in helping you make friends with your Isaan neighbors. Even if your Thai language skills are quite good, learning some Isaan is always appreciated by the locals.

So, stay tuned for the release of our handy English-Isaan Dictionary. Although Isaan does not have a written form, we are transcribing the words into Thai script as well as a Romanized transliteration. We hope to have it released within the next couple months.

In the meantime you can add 100s of Thai words to your working vocabulary in only a week’s time by picking up the our English loanword (cognate) dictionary and learning tool for only $8.99 (print) and $3.99 (ebook). Click on the following to learn more: The Original Thai-English Cognate Dictionary.

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