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Today’s reading is edited and adapted from The Key to Health, Wealth & Love by Julia Seton, published in 1917.

THE reason we do not have love is because we do not know how to get it. Everyone in this world does exactly the best as he or she knows how. When we know better, we will do better.

Life as an initiation requires us to learn how to live alone and not be lonely. But it should not take anyone a lifetime to get this lesson; the whole lesson of life may be in one hour’s passing — not dragged through endless years of effort and strife.

We want love. Nature demands it, for latent in every soul is the recognition that love is the fulfilling of the law. Without the softening and vivifying influence of love, all that is best in human expression sinks into oblivion.

The world has need of the lover, the poet and the minister. It has a great place for these tender souls who pass along with their very beings the intensifying singular power of life — in all and through all. The great teacher, the great physician, the great actor, the truly great individual, in any expression of life, is the great lover. We must have all this energizing power alight within our souls so that (touch life where we may), we shall not sink down into the dull gray of the commonplace, and pass along the dead within us.

Those who have come into real Love never rest, for their whole life is filled and vitalized with a new divine power; they have heard the Universe’s call in the depths of their own being. They have within them from the first, all for which the rest of the world is striving, and their sense of the divine Love is so strong that it includes all humanity.

In the last analysis, all life is simply the call of heart to heart, life to life, Deep to Deep of being. It is truly said, “Love is the only thing that pays for life or makes death welcome, and those who work out in the hot harvest fields of human effort and human unfoldment must have their souls aglow with a divine compassion, that they may be able to take the hand of every faltering life that touches their own, and speak for it the words of Peace and Power and Love — speak them with such a strength of conviction that they fall like a benediction upon each discouraged heart, and aid it to turn around and lead on again to the hill-tops of a new, inspired living.

We must have love, else how can we touch those whose spirits are broken? And how else can we give them a sunrise of greater things?

In order to find the key to Love, what must we know and do? When we come to the heart side of humanity, we again come face to face with this most vital question. The answer is not really so hard, nor is it impossible to understand, for there is a truth of love and of possession so high, that when we know it, we look at life in a different manner than we ever could look at in the fog-swamps of the self-conscious plane.

We must learn to see life in its completeness and not in the part — in union, not in the separation. Under the law of life’s finer relations, it is not possible for anyone to lose their own. We always get everything that belongs to us, and when we lose a love, or fail to attract it, we have no right to it. We only return, or pass under the law: the thing which by the true balancing of forces belongs to another.

Love never misses a life that has ever once connected with it anywhere in the universal balance. Many people have a thousand personal little loves, and these, embodied in form, come to them, but they do not remain — for the law of the personal plane is change.

It is only as we develop and enter into the Universal union that we find love on the planes of a consciousness so high that we have entire possession of it. In order to get love, we must give love, and upon our power of giving depends our love supply.

There are some persons whom no one loves; they are turned inward, instead of outward; they feed on the conflicting emotions within themselves. There are persons whom a few people love, but outside this little group they win very little affection for themselves. Their own love energy only reaches to the edge of the personal; they have very little radiation of love energy around them, little magnetic force to attract; they live and die in the orbit they have marked for themselves.

Then there are those whom everybody loves — even their enemies must admire and commend them. They are the friends of the friendless; they are the comforter of the comfortless; the companion of the joyful; the entertainers of the dull; the altogether lovely, charming soul which unconsciously all people turn to. It is hard for them to remember when they were not loved; and it as hard for them to get away from the Universal love note, as it is for the other to strike it.

The way to get love is to give it, and true love is simply empathy and understanding — when you can take time from your own personal desires and activities to find what another person wants or needs, feeling within yourself the very pangs of their own deep longing, then eagerly, willingly, helping them to get those things which will satisfy their soul and make them bigger and better because of your assistance — you love this person, and by these actions have passed into true love; you love them with the love that heals and binds and blesses.

The way of life is joy, through love and service. We must give and do for others, not alone in our own way, but in the way they can receive and appreciate. No one can ever die alone who has lost his life in the life of humanity, for every bit of your long life of love-giving will come back to you in your closing days, to walk beside you and comfort your farewell to the world.

Human love in the form of a loved one is the True personal God. The Ancients lost the true idea of the personal God, and humankind has forgotten the true teachings. Humanity and its old teachers have only the dead letter left to worship. “God is Love” they say, but they forget to see God reflected in the human form. The personal God has become to them some far-off Majestic being, too high for human touch, and too cold for the warmth of needy lips and clinging caresses.

Today, we must find the personal God in the world of form around us: in the sky, in the sea, the trees, the earth, the flowers, the world of bird songs. All life speaks to us in God’s own voice.

Many there are who would never come into consciousness of the Infinite divine, if they did not find it first in the unchanging love of some heart that reached for their own, and which had loved on through doubt and darkness to the hour of love’s own victory.

The personal God has always been the human side of divine selfhood. Its divinity is manifested in the sweet lips, the clinging embrace, the caresses, and the ever renewing love energy which flings each separate atom into conscious union with its own.

The world is everywhere running over with hearts filled with longing. Hunger for love, hunger for sympathy, kindness, tenderness, consolation — everything begs for its own, like the hungry eyes of a dog saying, “My share, please.” The world is white with service, but this service is not given from the mountain tops of spiritual loneliness, but out in the hot harvest fields of life where the needy walk alone.

We can separate ourselves from our kind through superstition, tradition, or ignorance if we want. We can be cold, apart, holier than thou, or aloof, from a sense of fear for the consequences of promiscuous association with the masses — or we can be small and mean, fault-finding, and full of resistance, righteous and beset with spiritual pride; and each year the great hungry heart of the world which seeks its own, will turn away from us, and shunt us by leaving us alone, to eat out our heart, in bitterness of spirit.

Or we can be warm, sweet, and so full of love that we can see it in each atom’s strife, and bend a loving ear to hear what all nature’s voice is speaking, that, “All life is love,” and this knowledge will wreathe around us and through us with such an all-compelling power that our looks, our tones, our touch, will fall like a benediction everywhere, and the world will come and gather around us, no matter where our feet may wander, bringing us the fruits of our life’s greatness.

The real lover of every life is God consciousness, and this consciousness is both formed and formless, and it is the desire for this that keeps the world of humanity busy in its endless seeking through form. God consciousness is the final destiny of every life, though often it is enshrined in a human form and claims glad worship until we pass through it to Absolute consciousness.

You must know, past all doubting, that the thing you seek is seeking you, whether you see it or not. Call to it, and it will come from out the silence and answer you.

Those who desire love must build it for themselves in the Absolute, and with the Faith that creates, see it approaching them. There is no fate that can keep it away; it must answer a conscious call.

For those who have stood beside an empty grave which has hidden from their eyes their life’s dearest hope, this Truth of Universal Union is a never failing comfort. It is an unwritten Truth that consciousness always answers to consciousness throughout the whole Cosmos. There is no death, no loss, no separation but in part.

Our loved ones go on in answer to the laws they have established for themselves, and (higher than our human understanding), they are led onward into connection with their own. We lose their form from off this plane, for it is the law; but consciousness answers consciousness, and we may speak to them and receive our answer from the very center of the Cosmic heart.

The dead have work to do, but not here, for they have finished with the physical plane and are ready to go on if we let them alone. The first thing to do is to take away from our minds any thought of separation from those we love; they touch the same consciousness, and we can feel and see them and know them. Without physical demonstrations, love is here a revelation, not a distinct possession.

We must fill our minds with this great Truth: that what is ours we cannot lose, and if it has ever belonged to us, we find it again and again, in increasing states of consciousness. It is impossible to think of loss when once the soul has sensed the truth of our infinite union with the All of Life — for to it, death becomes only a little widening of lines, just a little farther reaching out into the Universal consciousness.

So for us, “There is no sting to death,” and for us, “The grave has lost its victory.” Soon enough we will find our loved ones brighter, better than before, free in an inspired world, where death and loss are no longer words of pain and mystery.

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