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Ajarn David, the Founder of The Living Hour and host of the Inspirational Living podcast, has been living in Thailand for over 15 years. If you have been looking for Learn Thai language books, The Living Hour is now offering you David’s six unique Thai language e-books for only $7.99. This deal is available exclusively from our website and is not available anywhere else online.


What Thai language books do you get for your $7.99? You will receive the following:


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1) Generation Next: Slang & Colloquial Talk — This unique Thai language book comes with illustrations and hundreds of sample sentences. Funny and entertaining, there literally is no other Thai language book like this on the market when it comes to teaching the colloquial Thai language that is spoken today. A must have for expat English teachers in Thailand who want to understand what their Thai students are saying behind their backs!


2) The Original Thai-English Language Cognate Dictionary & Learning Tool — Ajarn David again broke new ground in Thai language books by writing the first Thai dictionary of English cognates and English loan words. You will boost your Thai vocabulary fast with this Thai language book. Also teaches you the art of speaking Thailish/Tinglish, which will come in handy if your Thai fails you.


3) Learn Thai Top 40: Colloquial Language Expressions –The first book in Living Hour’s mini-ebook series. Learn popular colloquial Thai expressions to help you speak more like a native speaker.


4) Learn Thai Top 40: For Lovers & Friends: How to Flirt in Thai — Get 40 useful sentences with which to flirt with the opposite sex in this mini Thai language book.


5) Learn Thai Top 40: Heart to Heart Talk — The Thai language literally as hundreds of heart phrases. Learn 40 of the most popular ones in this mini Thai language book, with sample sentences.


6) Learn Thai Top 40: Family Talk: Speaking Thai to Children — This is an essential mini Thai language book for any farang parent with Thai children, or teachers of young Thai children.


All of the above Thai language books from The Living Hour contain the Thai script, phonetic spellings, and both literal and figurative translations.


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Want more information on the six Thai language books that you are purchasing? Please see extended descriptions below.

Six Learn Thai Language Books for $7.99 (PDF e-Books)

Learn Thai Language: Generation Next (Slang & Colloquial Talk) is a fun and useful bi-lingual book for all students of the Thai language who wish to better understand and communicate with Thailand’s younger generation. Not a dry textbook or simple dictionary of terms, this is one Thai language book that you will enjoy reading and using.


If you are a Thai language student looking for the latest Thai idioms and slang; a tourist looking for a Thai language book that’s not filled with the same old stuff; or an English teacher struggling to understand your Thai students, Learn Thai Language: Generation Next is the book for you. More than just giving you new vocabulary, this book provides hundreds of sample sentences to advance your skills in listening, talking, and reading the colloquial language of Thailand.


The book is organized to make it easy for you to navigate. The Thai vocabulary pages are arranged alphabetically by their transliteration (phonetic spelling). Each Thai entry is followed by an English definition and two English words or phrases that match the Thai. This vocabulary is used in the comic and in the sample sentence below the definition.


The Thai translation of the English sample sentence is followed by its transliteration and by a literal word-for-word translation, so that students can better understand the vocabulary used and how the sentence is organized. At the bottom of each page is a transliteration of the Thai used in the comic, followed again by its literal translation. An English word index is included in the back of the book, which can help you locate matching Thai entries.


Unlike other books that focus on Thai slang and list curses, epithets, and vulgar language which could get you into deep trouble in Thailand, we focus primarily on common “G” rated slang. As a guide, we have rated the Thai as (G) for general inoffensive words, (PG) for slightly stronger language, and (R) for words which should not be used except when with close friends. The English words and phrases are likewise rated.


This book is also an excellent resource for Thai English students who want to learn the colloquial language of native English speakers.

Add hundreds of Thai words to your working vocabulary in only a week’s time with The Original Thai-English Language Cognate Dictionary & Learning Tool. This new language book is an essential supplementary resource for speaking, reading, and understanding the Thai language in the quickest possible time. In this book, you’ll learn the most commonly used English loan words, as well as Thai words that rhyme with, or sound similar to, their English counterpart or a related word.


For example, the Thai word for bell is grìng, which is similar to what a bell does: ring.


For the beginning student, these similar words make it much easier to dive into the Thai language without experiencing that common feeling that you’re drowning in a sea of strange sounds. Learning Thai becomes less intimidating and more fun. It also makes all those Thai words which aren’t similar sounding easier to remember.


In addition, you’ll learn how English words sometimes change when pronounced by Thai people. These differences are important to know when having conversations with new Thai friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.


Hundreds of colloquial Thai sentences are included, making the book a valuable tool for intermediate students. Humorous and useful examples are combined in equal measure, and are unlike those found in other Thai language books. In addition, helpful language notes are provided covering areas such as grammar, pronunciation, root words, as well valuable tips on speaking the Isaan dialect.


Each vocabulary entry includes the English and Thai word, followed by an English sample sentence, its colloquial Thai translation, and a literal word-for-word English translation of the Thai sentence, so you can clearly understand how words and ideas are arranged in the Thai language. The language note then rounds out the entry.


Also included with the book is an appendix of 100s of additional English-Thai loanwords involving technology, the sciences, and proper names.

The first offering in a series of mini-eBooks aimed at helping Thai language learners acquire colloquial Thai in the quickest time. Learn 40 popular expressions in the Thai language, many of which are not included in other books or free Thai language websites.


Includes language notes on Thai particle usage, root words, and more. Minimize the time you spend learning Thai and maximize the results!

Learn the most commonly spoken Thai “heart” (jai) words, along with related sample sentences, so that you can start today having heart to heart talks with your Thai friends, colleagues, wife, husband, or lover. Includes figurative and literal (word by word) translations.


While there are hundreds of heart (jai) words in the Thai language, only a small percentage of these are commonly used on a daily basis. And if you use one of the uncommon heart words, you may not be understood. In Heart to Heart Talk, we give you the heart talk that every Thai will understand and which covers a broad range of emotions and situations.

In this 3rd installment of our Learn Thai Top 40 series, you’ll quickly learn 40 common sentences which parents speak to their children – sentences that cover the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and dining room; upstairs and downstairs; inside the house and outside the home.


At LivingHour.org we are dedicated to fulfilling all those language needs which other Thai language publishers don’t cover, from helping expats and professionals better manage their long term stays in Thailand to assisting tourists get off the beaten track to discover authentic travel experiences in “the real” Thailand.

In this mini e-book “How to Flirt in Thai” you’ll quickly learn 40 sentences that Thais use to flirt with both lovers and friends of the opposite sex.


As with all of our e-books, each English sentence in How to Flirt in Thai is followed by a colloquial Thai translation in the Thai script; followed by an easy to read phonetic spelling (with tones) in English; followed then by a word for word translation of the Thai in English, so that you know exactly which English word corresponds to the Thai word.

Download your six Thai language books now for $7.99 through secure checkout provided by E-junkie by clicking the Pay Now button below. All books are PDF e-books.

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Learn Thai Books: Our Philosophy

The Living Hour publishes eBooks and books written via a collaboration between professional Thai and native-English speaking educators who live and work in the Kingdom. Our language books truly represent the street and workplace level Thai language spoken today, helping expats, English teachers, and tourists more fully enjoy their stay in the Land of Smiles.


In addition, we have carefully taken into account the criticisms that Thai language learners have had in the past with Thai phrasebooks, dictionaries, and other kinds of Thai language books. Those who purchase our Learn Thai books can be assured of the following things:


1) All of our Thai sample sentences are very useful for daily situations and are not simply duplications of the kind of phrases found in other phrasebooks and free Thai language websites.


2) Our English phonetic spelling of Thai words is easy to understand and includes tones.


3) Every Thai sentence is followed by a word for word English translation, so readers can know for certain what Thai word corresponds with what English word(s).


4) The Thai script is published in a large enough font to be easily read and words are broken apart to facilitate Thai reading practice.


Here are a couple samples:


bplìan-jai – เปลี่ยนใจ – v. – to change one’s mind (lit. change heart)
I just changed my mind. That’s all.
ฉัน เปลี่ยนใจ ไม่ มี เหตุผล
Chăn bplìan-jai. Mâi mee hàyt-phŏn.
lit. I changed mind, not have reason

jai-rawn – ใจร้อน – v./adj. – to be hot-tempered (lit. heart hot)

Hold on a sec’. Don’t be a hot head.
แป๊บ นึง นะ อย่า ใจร้อน ไป หน่อย เลย
Bpáep nèung ná. Yàh jai-ráwn bpai nòi leuy.
lit. just a second one (soften), don’t hot head go (soften) (emph.)


Free Thai Language Lessons

Get started learning the Thai language now, as well as learn more about living and traveling in Thailand at the following link: Free Learn Thai Lessons Online.