Lords Prayer for Daily Life

The Art of Living a Life Worthwhile

How to Live True to Yourself

Inspirational Living PodcastThe power that resides in you is new in nature, and no one but you knows what you can do, nor will you know until you have tried. Trust Thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. Accept the place that divine providence has…..

Living the Immortal Life

Inspirational Living PodcastAs children attain consciousness of themselves, they attain consciousness of their immortality. At first they ask no more proof of their eternal existence than of their present life; instinctively they believe both. They do not…..

Progressive Spirituality

faith-in-the-worldThe 20th century Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a remarkable figure in that he was both a highly trained scientist and defender of the Christian faith—someone who realized that the entire structure of Christ’s mythology had to be reworked to fit new scientific discoveries…

The Lord’s Prayer for Daily Life

The Lord's Prayer for Daily LifeHenry David Thoreau, tucked away in his Walden cabin, famously said that most of us lead lives of quiet desperation. That was in 1845. Today, things are not so quiet. Anxiety and depression are regular rites of passage from which millions never graduate. Civility meanwhile has long been dropped from our national discourse…..

Finding the Courage to Lead

Inspirational Living PodcastThe reformers of the world are those men and women of mighty purpose. They are leaders with the courage of individual conviction who dare run counter to the criticism of the crowd. They are the souls who voluntarily…..

The Art of Being Alive

Inspirational Living PodcastStop wondering why you were born into this world. Stop looking for faults and flaws. Rise up today with joy and say, “I am going to be alive!” In every thousand people who are living on this earth, not more than one is alive…..

Albert Camus & Common Decency

Common DecencyIn Albert Camus’ novel The Plague, there is a curious character named Tarrou who organizes the volunteer sanitary teams in the city of Oran, a town afflicted by the bubonic plague. Tarrou does this for no other reason he says than his code of morals, which he defines as “common decency”…..

Read the Gospels Online

ReadGospelsOnlineAll great religious manuscripts and scripture (be they Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc.) have transcendent and important things to teach us. The New Century Gospels are a contemporary version of the canonical Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) which uses as its primary resource the…

How Thoughts Shape Your Destiny

Inspirational Living PodcastThe world is your kaleidoscope. The varying color combinations are the exquisitely adjusted pictures of your ever-moving thoughts. You are literally what you think, your character being the complete sum of all your thoughts…..

The Thinking Body

Inspirational Living PodcastThe art of radiating health thoughts through and through the whole system until every nerve and fiber, every cell in the body, feels the electric thrill of the health force, is the art of arts. It means the achievement of perfect health…..