The Autosuggestion Sound Method

The AutoSuggestion Sound Method Explained


Contrary to what you may believe, it is not only your will which makes you act, but your unconscious imagination. Every idea that you have in your unconscious mind (positive or negative) becomes true for you and tends to realize itself. By using The MAJESTY Program (Powered by The AutoSuggestion Sound Method) you can tap into the power of your subconscious, filling it with positive new thoughts that will enrich your life and help you acquire new skills faster.



Quick Guide to Getting Started

  1. Watch the Videos on the Preparation Page
  2. Play The MAJESTY Program Audio File
  3. Listen to the AutoSuggestion Repeated 7 Times
  4. Then Repeat the AutoSuggestion 7 Times
  1. Best Time: Before Sleep & Just After Waking
  2. Always Maintain a Gentle, Effortless Smile
  3. Don’t Try to Analyze What You Are Doing
  4. Repeat AutoSuggestions Every Day



What To Remember Before You Start

Autosuggestion is easy. Its greatest enemy is effort. The more simple and unforced the manner you use it, the more potently and profoundly it works. Any attempt to analyze the guided meditation intellectually will make it appear more complex and difficult than it really is.


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Traditional AutoSuggestion Explained

 width=The traditional method of Autosuggestion, which was established by Emile Coue in the early 1900s, began with the individual taking a piece of string and tying in it twenty knots—so that they could easily keep track of number of times they spoke a particular autosuggestion, much in the same way a devout Catholic counts their prayers on a rosary.


On getting into bed at night, you are instructed to close your eyes, relax your muscles, and take up a comfortable position (either lying down or sitting up). Then you are to repeat twenty times, counting by means of the knots, the general autosuggestion formula: “Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.”


These words should be spoken simply and without effort. By reciting the autosuggestion like a child absently murmuring a nursery rhyme, you avoid any engagement with your critical conscious mind that will make it harder for the suggestion to be absorbed into your subconscious.


When you have gotten used to this exercise and can say it quite “unselfconsciously,” begin to let your voice rise or fall on the phrase “in every way,” so as to attach to them a gentle emphasis. But at first do not attempt this accentuation, because it will only needlessly complicate and, by requiring more conscious attention, may introduce effort.


Do not try to think about what you are saying. Let your mind wander if it wants; and if it strays elsewhere do not try to call it back to focus on the words. As long as your repetition does not come to a full stop, your mind-wandering will be less disturbing than would be the effort of attempting to call it back to focus attention on the suggestion.


You might be tempted to recite this autosuggestion rather piously. However, when the average person tries to be “pious” they ordinarily end up being merely artificial. Better to tap into the child that still exists in all of us. The child-like mode of repeating the formula puts one in touch with deep levels of the Unconscious where the child-mind still survives. The sovereign rule is to make no effort, and if this is observed you will intuitively fall into the right attitude. On waking in the morning, before you rise, repeat the formula in exactly the same manner.


Regular repetition is essential and should never be neglected. In times of health, the practice of Autosuggestion may be regarded as an envoy that goes before you to clear the path of whatever obstacles may lurk in the future. But chiefly it as an educator, one that helps clear away the mass of negative spontaneous suggestions that clog the Unconscious and rob our lives of their joy, significance, and prosperity.

The AutoSuggestion Sound Method Explained

 width=The AutoSuggestion Sound Method improves upon the traditional method of conscious Autosuggestion. Our new method is a guided meditation process that uses original affirmations specifically developed to help you live better in all areas of your personal and professional life.


The suggestions are combined with a background of binaural beats and Tibetan bell sounds which makes the Unconscious mind more susceptible to receiving autosuggestions, thus enhancing results in a shorter period of time.


In The MAJESTY Program, the individual listens to the Autosuggestion being spoken aloud on the recording. Each spoken autosuggestion is separated by the gentle sound of a Tibetan bell. The suggestion is repeated 7 times. Then the bell sequence is repeated another 7 times, with the listener repeating aloud or silently to themselves (but still moving their lips) the positive autosuggestion. To signal that it is time for you to begin repeating the autosuggestion alone, the bell will ring twice.


It is strongly recommended that you play the guided meditations in the evening after you have gotten into bed, just before sleep. And in the morning as soon as you wake up and are still groggy with sleep. You can also play the guided meditations anytime during the day. (However, do not play them while driving a car, riding a bicycle, or operating any type of machinery.)


The Importance of Smiling


Whenever practicing the AutoSuggestion Sound Method, you should listen to and say the words with complete belief in their power and efficacy. Also, try to maintain a gentle, effortless smile throughout the meditation. If you wish to practice visualization during the meditation, we do not suggest visualizing what you wish to occur in your life. Instead, we suggest visualizing an image of yourself as a carefree child with a big smile on your face (most of us have at least one photo from childhood that is like this, which we can use to assist this visualization).


The importance of smiling during your meditation and visualizing yourself as a smiling child is that it causes your brain to release endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin into your system—the same chemicals which are released when you are feeling a positive emotions. And Autosuggestion works best and fastest when combined with such feelings.


One of the reasons that people who use affirmations almost always fail is because the affirmations are not said in combination with a strong positive feeling within the body. They’re not emotionally engaged with the affirmations they are saying. The AutoSuggestion Sound Method works because it encourages your body and mind to get emotionally behind the words being spoken.


When the final bell on the guided meditation rings and you repeat the autosuggestion for the last time, the conscious part of the process is completed. Leave the Unconscious to do its work undisturbed. Don’t be anxious about it, continually scanning yourself for signs of improvement. Gardeners don’t turn over the clods of soil every morning to see if a seed is sprouting. Once sown it is left till the green sprout appears. So it should be with suggestion. Sow the seed, and be sure the Unconscious powers of the mind will bring it to fruition, and all the sooner if your conscious ego is content to let it rest.


You can only rob Autosuggestion of its power in one way: by believing that it is powerless. If you believe this it becomes ipso facto powerless for you. The greater your faith, the more radical and the more rapid will be your results. If you have only sufficient faith to repeat the meditation each night and morning the results will soon give you in your own person the proof that you desire, and facts and faith will go on mutually augmenting each other.


Lastly, try not to discuss The MAJESTY Program with others until after you have completed the 1st 30 days of the program. If you do so earlier, you open up your mind to those people who may express less than positive thoughts, or who will cause you to over-analyze and intellectualize the process—all of which can negatively affect the speed and efficacy of the program, as well as your dedication to seeing it through for 30 days.


After you have completed the first 30 days of The MAJESTY Program, and have experienced the positive outcomes that it has made to your life, then you can share with other the process that has made such a big different in your physical, spiritual, and emotional life.


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Get more background information on the AutoSuggestion technique at the following link: History of AutoSuggestion.

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