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Majesty Meditation

Transform your life in 30 days with our MAJESTY meditation program. Our powerful autosuggestion meditation has helped hundreds of people live up to their full potential.

Lord's Prayer Book

Lord's Prayer Book

Get a deeper and richer understanding of the Lord’s Prayer with our free online book The Lord’s Prayer for Daily life, with hundreds of New Testament citations.

New Century Gospels

Read the New Century Gospels online. This contemporary version of the canonical Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) is an easy to read and compelling version of the New Testament.

Inspirational Books

Buy our trio of best-selling inspirational books: Evergreen, Everest, and Evermore, which include the most motivational essays that were read on the Inspirational Living podcast.


Thailand Travel

Are your considering a trip to Thailand? If you are looking for an authentic Thai experience, away from big cities and other tourists, one of the best places to visit is Sakon Nakhon province in the Northeast of Thailand. With mountains, lakes, gorgeous temples, and friendly people, it is the perfect place to enjoy the real Thailand and its culture.


Discover what the province can offer by visiting our new Thailand Travel Guide at: Sakon Nakhon.

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