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Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast, brought to you in part by Book of Zen, makers of wearable inspiration for a better world. Today’s podcast has been edited and adapted from How to Stay Young by Christian D. Larson, published in 1906…

The forces of the mind will create and express every quality or condition that is held in consciousness. This is one of the most important of all metaphysical laws, because it is principally through this law that you determine what your personal life is to be.

A true conception of time is extremely important in placing the mind in the proper attitude towards the laws that govern your being; and this true conception is based upon the principle that time IS. Time neither comes nor goes. It is the movements of nature that come and go, not time. What we call time is but the now of eternity, and this now is eternally in the now; therefore there can be no passing of time.

It is only in the now that you can live. You can live neither in the past nor in the future. You may think of the past or the future, but you can live only in the now. To train the mind to concentrate the whole of attention upon the great eternal now is to develop the consciousness of the “isness” of the now, and to consciously feel that its purpose is to eliminate the consciousness of age completely.

It is not possible for the mind to feel that it is growing old, so long as it feels that it lives in the now, and that the now is. The now is eternal; that is, the now eternally is now. The now never ceases to be now; therefore to live in the now is to continue to be now, what you are now.

It is possible for you to grow and develop in the NOW, but you will never pass OUT of the now, because the now is eternal. You should affirm to yourself: “I am not passing with time, because time does not pass. Time is. I am living in the now, and the now continues eternally to be the now. I am living and growing now, but I am not passing towards age. There is no age, and I do not pass. I am.”

When you develop the “I Am” consciousness, you will attain the realization of what you are now. You will discern that your present nature is limitless in possibility, and that the conscious possession of more and more of the richness of your nature will come, not from more and more years of development, but from more and more present realization.

You will discern that you may accomplish whatever you have in mind by perpetually increasing your present realization of what is latent in your nature. You will not look to the future for greater attainments, but to the growth of the present. And thus you will concentrate the whole of your attention upon the now.

To live in the realization of the now, with no direct thought of the past or the future, is to eliminate from mind the “passing of time” attitude. And when this attitude is removed, the consciousness of age will disappear completely. To perpetuate the youthful energy that nature is producing now, live in the eternal now, and know that you are young now.

Know that the youth producing process in your system is eternal, and that you therefore will always be young no matter how long you may live. To live in the great eternal now is to give the whole of your attention to the work of the present moment. It is to recognize neither past nor future. It is to think neither of what has been nor what is to be. It is to live, think, and act only for what can be lived, thought, and attained now.

To live in the great eternal now is to act upon the principle that it is only what we do now that determines results. The past is gone. It concerns us no more. And since the future will be the natural outcome of the present, the more perfectly we live for the present, the greater will the future be.

There is no time but the now; and the now does not pass away. Therefore there is no passing of time. All time IS, and in that time you always ARE. The heavenly bodies, in their movements, do not record the passing of time, neither do they measure time. They simply record their own speed as they move in the great eternal now. They simply measure the changing distances between their own changing positions, as they move about the great center of life during the great eternal now.

The universe is not passing away. Some parts are only moving around other parts, and these parts are moving around still other parts, that in turn move around something else. All is motion, but all motion is in circles. The universe is eternally where it is, eternally moving in circles where it is, thoroughly and eternally alive, and all taking place during the eternal now.

Everything is for the now because the only time that is, is now. We are conscious only of the now, and to look into the depths of the now is to find that everything is contained in the now. To give the whole of attention to the now is the secret of gaining in the now all that you may want now.

That which is not done for the now is scattered, and will either be wasted entirely or will produce results that are detrimental to your welfare now. It is only what is done for the now that adds to your welfare now, and when you live, think and act exclusively for the now, your life will be complete now.

To live in the great eternal now, is therefore the only scientific mode of living (whatever your individual viewpoint of life may be), and it is one of the fundamental essentials in the art of staying young and productive.

To live in the eternal now, fix no special time for anything in the future. Plan for the future when such plans are necessary to the promotion of what you are doing now, but consciously live in the now. No thought should be given to what may happen in the future. Such thought is wasted because we cannot deal with that which is not here.

All the power of life and thought should be used in causing the best things possible to happen now. Such action will not only improve the present, but will also train the mind to eliminate the consciousness of age by giving the whole of consciousness to the now, where age is not.

Learn to BE more now, develop yourself now, promote your growth now, and you will become more and more competent to deal with that which may transpire in your life. You will gain the power to make the future far better than the present; you will feel the constant increase of this power, and will therefore have no anxiety about the days that are to be.

To make the best of the present is to make the future better, but to make the best of the present, all life (all thought and all action) must be concentrated absolutely upon the present. No thought must be given to the future. In fact, so completely must attention be concentrated upon the work of the present that we are unconscious of everything but that which we are doing now.

To think of the future is to think of how long we may live, and how many years we shall pass through before we reach the expected goal. Such thought will cause the mind to feel that time is passing and that we are passing with time into weakness and age. The consciousness of age will thus be produced, and to be conscious of age is to produce the conditions of age in our own systems.

The great question of life is not how long we may live in any particular sphere of existence, but how WELL we may live where we are living now. The person who lives well while upon earth, will live a long time upon earth, and retain their youthful exuberance as long as they live.

To live well, however, it is necessary to live absolutely for the great eternal now; to live the life of youthful wonder now; to be conscious only of the now; and to realize that both the now and the youthful energy that are produced now are eternal.

To realize that we are eternal is to eliminate the subconscious feeling that we are passing towards that condition of old age that is supposed to be in store for every person in the future. But to realize that the youth of the now is eternal is to eliminate the consciousness of age, thus removing the principal cause of old age conditions.

Everything that is done should be done “just for today,” and the ruling purpose of life should be to live today the greatest life that is possible today. The feeling that we are growing old is produced by the belief that every year adds so much to our age; but old age is a condition that has been produced, not by nature, but by our own mistaken perceptions of time; and this condition can be removed only by the development of that consciousness which is based upon the realization of what is true in the real life of nature.

The first essential in the development of normal consciousness is to place the mind in contact with the present natural processes in the human system. The most important of these are the process of perpetual renewal and the process of present creation.

The first of these rebuilds the entire human system during every period of eight or ten months, thus keeping the body healthy and strong.

The second process creates in the system all those conditions or qualities of which the mind is conscious, and whose work is of, for, by, and through the present only.

To place the mind in contact with this second process is to prove to the mind that there is no other time in nature but the now, and that there is no other action in nature but the action of the now. And when this fact is proven to the mind, the whole of attention will naturally be directed absolutely upon the time of the now and the action of the now.

In this manner, natural consciousness will be developed, because the more the mind associates with the true processes of nature, the more keenly will the mind feel that which is natural. And since it is natural to live for the now, the mind will, through the development of natural consciousness, enter absolutely into the life of the now.

To live absolutely in the life of the now is to be conscious only of what is true in nature now. And it is true in nature now that life is forever renewing itself with exuberance, vitality, and wondrous imagination. It’s an amazing life. Start living it now.

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