Best of Everest: 50 Motivational Life Lessons

Podcast Excerpt: Get rid of the idea that the world owes you a living. True, you are not responsible for being here, but neither is the rest of humanity responsible either, except your immediate parents. Therefore the world owes you nothing. We live in a bountiful country, one that has given you birth, protection, food, clothing, a home, friends, education, and an opportunity for development, happiness, service, and success. You are the debtor. It will take all the rest of your natural life to square yourself and meet your just obligations. Get ready. Go to work. Be all you can and do all you can in the development of yourself and in promoting the progress of humanity. — Newton N. Riddle


The person who finds it easier to forgive than to condemn is on the verge of superior wisdom and higher spiritual power. They have entered the path to real greatness and may rapidly rise on the scale by applying the laws of true human development. Instead of producing weakness and indifference, the act of absolute forgiveness will produce a more powerful character, a more brilliant mind, and a greater soul.

Try this method for a year. Forgive everybody for everything, no matter what happens, and do not forget to forgive yourself. You will eventually conclude that forgiveness, absolute forgiveness, is not only the path to complete emancipation, but is also the key to a better life, a larger life, a richer life, a more beautiful life than you ever knew before. — Christian D. Larson

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