Finding the Strength to Love | Christian D. Larson

Listen to episode 206 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Finding the Strength to Love | Spiritual Growth. Adapted Edited and adapted from The Pathway of Roses by Christian D. Larson.

Podcast Excerpt: We have looked far and wide for the remedies to our problems, but in our search we have overlooked one of the greatest of all; and that is love. Not the love of the person; not mere sentiment or emotion, but that strong, spiritual feeling that makes every atom in your being thrill with the purest sympathy and the highest kindness; and that makes you feel that every creature in existence deserves your most tender care and attention.

When everything goes wrong with us, we blame fate, environment, or the world. We forget that the world does to us what we have done to the world. When we blame the world for everything, the world will so act that it is to blame; but when we love the entire world with our whole heart, the world will change toward us accordingly and be kind.

When you do not succeed, when no one seems to care for your service, or for your talents, there are two things to do: do your best and love much. Do not condemn the world because it is slow to appreciate your worth; when you do this you push the world further away from yourself, and its appreciation will decrease instead of increase.

Love the world, the whole world, and love with all the power of your heart and soul. This will bring the world nearer to you; you will enter into a friendly relationship with the world; the human race will thereby discover what you have to give and will come at once to receive your talent.

True achievement in any sphere of action depends upon real ability, and a strong, deep, whole-souled love. Real ability can be cultivated, and we can all learn to love much; therefore the future of any person may become far greater and more beautiful than the present.

When others speak wrongly against you, do not permit the slightest trace of ill-feeling. Anger and indignation not only weaken your own system, but also cause you to attract disagreeable people and adverse conditions. Love those who have mistreated you. Love them with the very deepest power of your soul, and they will soon come to you to make everything right again….

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