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Today’s reading has been edited and adapted from the book Hints for Lovers by Arnold Haultain, published in 1909.

THE beginning, the middle, and the end of love — is a sigh. All things point to the infinite; and love more than all things else.

Complex as is the character of love, there are two things which love always does: always it …”Refines the thoughts and enlarges the heart.”

Nothing stands still in this world, not even love: it must grow or it withers. And, perhaps, the strongest love is that which surmounts the greatest number of obstacles.

Love to some is an intoxicant; to others an ailment. To all it is a necessity.

As is one’s character, so is one’s love. Perhaps the deepest love is the quietest.

Some loves, like some fevers, have three stages: incubation; eruption; and convalescence. And some loves, like some fevers, render the patient immune to that particular kind of contagion.

Only love can comprehend and reciprocate love. Of a great and reciprocated love there is one and only one sign: the expression of the eyes. Who that has seen such a love was ever deceived by its counterfeit?

Did ever the same love-light shine in the same eyes twice? The light of love in the eyes may take on a thousand forms: exultant jubilation, a trustful happiness; infinite appeasement or promises untold; an adoration supreme or a complex oblation; tenderness ineffable or heroic resolves implicit faith; unquestioning confidence; abounding pity; unabashed desire. Those who shall count the stars of heaven, shall enumerate the radiances of love.

There is no Art of Loving, though, as Ovid says, love must be guided by art. Yet if love did not come by chance, it would never come at all.

It is a significant fact that love, which (more than any other thing in this world) is the great bringer-together of hearts, begins its mysterious work as a separator and putter-at-a-distance. For when first love dawns in the breast of youth, it throws about its object a sacred aura, which awes at the same time that it inspires the faithful worshipper.

Too often the Phantasm of love and not love itself wins the day. Women who seek a real lover should beware of the overbold one.

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