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Today’s podcast has been edited and adapted from The Rhythm of Life by Charles Brodie Patterson, published in 1915.

Life is a state of consciousness. The visible world is a mirror of what humanity has felt and thought and done; but it is not a prophecy of what you shall be, for what you shall be is written into the soul of you, and only as you learn to express your own soul-life can you enrich the world in which you live and prepare yourself to receive new mysteries from the kingdom that lives within you.

Without consciousness, there would be no meaning to human existence. Our objective consciousness consists largely of material things, and our thoughts and emotions in relation to them. Consciousness consists, then, of what we feel and what we think, and from such feeling and thinking there comes the outward expression of ourselves in what we do; for our work is a natural expression of both thought and feeling.

At times, we seem dominated by thought, and again by feeling. In our happiest states we use both. The force of our life is in what we feel, while the form which our work takes comes largely through what we think. Our best work is accomplished when head and heart work together in unison. This holds good regarding all planes of consciousness, and this union makes not only for our highest good, but also for the truest expression of our work.

When we use love and wisdom in all that we do, the outer form will become as perfect as the inner ideal. All the beauty and color of life comes from within. We bring to nature all that we see in it. The kingdom of God lives in the life of each one of us: first as power, then as ideals to be externalized, which become the symbols of beauty and power on earth.

If we lived solely in your objective consciousness, our world would always remain the same; there would be no advancement of any kind; we could bring no new thing into being. The life of a thousand years ago would be the same as it is today; and the life of a thousand years hence would differ little, if any, from the present, were it not for the fact that humanity has a greater consciousness than that which we call the objective.

There is an inner consciousness that has to do with what we feel and think; and, later, these thoughts and feelings become transmuted into ideals. All these ideals, when lived and expressed, go to make a new world for us to live in; thus our world becomes a true expression of our inner feeling and our best thought, and in this way it is constantly being quickened and renewed.

Living life in this way, our inner feelings give color and tone to mind and thought, and mind and thought act directly upon our body to renew and to strengthen it. We realize, as it were, a conscious center of being from which we work outward to the very circumference of life.

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