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A healthy and robust personality is the fulfillment of self-development—physically, mentally, and spiritually. But all robust personalities are not healthy, for it often shows in the faces of those who are selfish at heart. Therefore, all personality is not for the good of the world. It is only of the healthy and generous kind that we speak. And to those who possess it, the goal is divine.

Personality can never be perfected without living a life of preparedness backed up by our most earnest and honest convictions. Personality is made up of many qualities and differs among people in a variety of ways. Perfect personality requires constant care in its development and constant guard for its safety. It cannot be purchased in the open market. It must be built upon piece by piece and everything we are becomes a part of it.

Personality would indeed be imperfect if it did not give us full poise. If we neglect our physical poise we pull down our mental poise, likewise our spiritual poise. That is why personality must be kept constantly protected against encroachment; but this can be so fixed by purpose, plan, and power of will that it becomes automatically safeguarded. Once in possession of personality, we have only to make it part of our natural selves and wear it unconsciously to the last breath of life.

Personality does not mean over-refinement. Sturdy qualities are the necessary ones. Over-refinement leads to the softer life and oftentimes to degenerate ways. Exalted ego is an indication of degeneracy and may be inherited. Of those things we inherit that are good we must hold, and everlastingly must we watch those which are bad.

It is never wise to wander far away from basic principles into high-handed preaching. What we need is guidance along the road to the goal of personality. First of all we need health and second, the WILL to do. Next, we must use these weapons in the right direction, for personality is at its zenith when backed up by a strong physique and brain power.

The most powerful personality is the noblest personality. And consideration for others is the noblest attitude that we can hold toward our friends, family, and fellow citizens of the world. For every seed of human kindness we plant, a flower blooms in the garden of our own heart. And if we GIVE in such a way, there will be no hypocritical feeling of charity bestowed. Our very act disarms the thought.

It is as natural for an honorable person to show consideration to others, as it is for those to eat and sleep. Acts of kindness are the outward manifestations of a proper education—a refinement of character in the highest sense of the word.

What would we do in this world without the helping hand, the friendly word of cheer, the thought that others shared our losses and cheered our victories? If consideration for our feelings and thoughts did not exist on this earth, we would never know the depths of the love of our friends. There would be no such thing as an earthly reward of merit.

We know that no matter what happens to us in the battle of life, there will be someone to cheer us on our way. We may be strong and thoroughly able to rely upon ourselves, but there comes a time when we need friendship and sympathy…..

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