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Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast, brought to you in part by Book of Zen, makers of wearable inspiration for a better world. Today’s podcast has been edited and adapted from The Victorious Attitude by Orison Swett Marden, published in 1916″¦

Whatever an individual concentrates upon, they tend to get, because concentration is just as much a force as electricity. The young person who concentrates upon law, thinks law, dreams law, reads everything they can get a hold of relating to law, who steals into court rooms and listens to trials every chance they get, is sure to become a lawyer or judge.

It is the same with any other vocation—medicine, engineering, literature, music; any of the arts or sciences. Those who concentrate upon an idea, who continue to visualize their dreams, to nurse them, who never lose sight of their goal, no matter how dark or forbidding the way, get what they concentrate on. They make their minds powerful magnets to attract the thing on which they have concentrated. Sooner or later they realize their dreams.

What could have kept Beethoven from becoming a master musician? What could have kept Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs, whom no hardships frightened, from realizing their wonderful visions?

If you can concentrate your thought and hold it persistently (work with it along the line of your greatest ambition), nothing can keep you from its realization. But spasmodic concentration, spasmodic enthusiasm, however intense, will peter out. Dreaming without effort will only waste your power. It is holding your vision (together with persistent, concentrated endeavor on the material plane) that wins.

There are thousands of devices in the patent office in Washington D.C. which have never been of any use to the world, simply because the inventors did not cling to their vision long enough to materialize it to perfection. They became discouraged. They ceased their efforts. They let their visions fade, and so became demagnetized and lost the power to realize them. Other inventors have taken up many such “near” successes, added the missing links to their completion, and have made them real successes.

Everywhere there are disappointed men and women who have soured on life because they could not get what they longed for—be it a musical or art education, the necessary training for law or medicine, for engineering, or for some other vocation to which they felt they had been called. They struggle along in an uncongenial environment, railing at the fate which has robbed them of their own. They feel that life has cheated them, when the truth is they have cheated themselves.

They did not insistently and persistently send out their desires and longings; they did not nurse them and positively refuse to give up on them; above all, they did not put forth their best efforts for their realization.

Three things we must do to make our dreams come true. Visualize our desire. Concentrate on our vision. And work to bring it into reality. The implements necessary for this are inside of us, not outside. No matter what the accidents of birth or fortune, there is only one force by which we can fashion our life material—mind.

Consider the bee and the snake. They draw material from the same plant. The one transmutes it into deadly poison; the other into delicious honey. The power that changes the stuff into a new substance is within the bee and snake. Or consider two sailors who force the same breeze to send their boats in opposite directions. It is not the wind, but the set of the sail that determines the port of call. The power that makes our desire (our vision) a reality is not in our environment or in any condition outside of us; it is within us.

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