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Podcast Excerpt: Whatever else you may forget, remember that it is not work, but overwork that kills. Exercise gained through good, wholesome work is the greatest life-preserver humanity has yet discovered. The ones who live the longest and best lives are the cheerful workers, those who find a good excuse for liking the task that comes to their hands. The greatest joy and the truest success do not come to the idler, nor the one who overworks, nor yet to the one who does things by fits and starts, but to the steady worker who uses time wisely.

“If I had the time!” people exclaim. Yes, indeed! Time is a necessary factor in the doing of things. Time is money. Money is capital. Capital is power. The one who is in the possession of the most power (and uses it to the best purpose) has the best chance for winning success.

Other things being equal, the student who devotes an extra half-hour every morning or evening to the study of the next day’s lessons will get on better than the classmates who do not thus mentally fortify themselves. So in the world’s big life-school, the person who finds time to think about and to study the tasks and duties of the next day will make a better showing than the ones who thoughtlessly (and in an unprepared manner) blunder into the work that is before them.

“If I had the time!” That is the sorry cry coming from the lips of tens of thousands unhappy persons of all classes and ages. But the saddest feature of it all is, that they have the time and do not know it. Or, if they do know it, they still go on trying to deceive themselves and others by repeating the same old, threadbare excuse the world has always offered as the reason why it has not made the progress it should have.

Now, stop for a moment, and honestly think it over. Haven’t you the time? Isn’t it the desire to make the most of your opportunities that is lacking? How much time did you waste yesterday? How much time are you going to waste today?

Let us not lose sight of the sorry fact that in wasting an hour, we suffer a double loss and commit a double wrong. We not only lose that particular hour, but we are suffering a moral weakness to impair the strength of our life purpose, which will result in making us more likely to waste other golden hours yet to come.

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