Intelligent Design & Human Evolution | Abel Allen

Podcast Excerpt: The evolutionary processes of Nature have culminated in the production of a being who walks the earth in an erect position, brain at the summit, who is capable of thought, of emotion, and of abstract reasoning. We are the highest type that has yet appeared upon the earth. We are also a religious being, conscious of our own individuality, our own soul, and a mysterious longing for something, divinely felt, faintly dreamed of, but not yet realized.

From the great soul within, we sometime feels the surging of an inexpressible power — a restless feeling, welling up within us, seeking recognition and expression. We are all conscious at times of this divine unrest, a striving force within, a cosmic urge prompting us to effort, pushing us onward and upward to something greater. It is the great soul within seeking to find its true expression. It is the divine calling to the divine within us.

With all our powers, with a reason divine, an imagination bridging the infinite, we are not yet a perfect being. We are only in the process of creation. We are unfinished. We are undergoing an evolutionary development. We are still far from the goal at which in due time we will arrive.

Old theologians always spoke of creation as finished. Until science and reason demonstrated its impossibility, they contended that the world (and all created things that dwell thereon) were created in six days of twenty-four hours each. They also said God was satisfied with His work and rested on the seventh day. This was their conclusion because, they said, they had read it in a book. However, we have read a different account in the open book of Nature, in the rocks, the rivers, the lakes, and the eternal hills.

The same unseen forces that are building the rock and manifesting new created forms in Nature, are also at work in us, developing new power, strengthening existing faculties, and pushing us onward toward a more complete and perfect state.

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