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Podcast Excerpt: If you hold a fearful picture in mind, emotion creates it. In the Bible, Job says “I feared a great fear and it came upon me.” If you hold a beautiful picture, emotion creates that too. Fear and joy, and all intermediate shades of feeling, are the same force—the soul-force out of which all creation is made.

So I tell you to do your best to get enthused and exalted over your Ideal. Keep telling yourself that your Ideal is you, and that in due time you will prove it in terms of matter. If it is not you, what is it? Your Ideal exists within you, does it not? And therefore it must be you. And your financial hurdles, your work, your “conditions,” exist outside of you, do they not? Then they are not you. What exists within is you.

Of course, your “conditions” do have their mental pictures within you too—pictures which preceded the conditions themselves. In past years, you have held with emotion the mental pictures of these very conditions. Hence their creation. But these pictures have grown old, as people grow old, and they are ready to be laid away and dissolved to ashes.

Every single day and hour you are dwelling with emotion upon mental pictures which are to take their place, both inside and outside of you. So I bid you to take special hours for holding with enthusiasm the sort of pictures you want to create— instead of letting your mind perpetuate the same old things over again. And I bid you to put into this Ideal picturing all the emotion you can summon, to the end that you, more quickly and vitally, will create what you want.

Of course, this is not at first easy to do. Conditions will come in between you and your Ideal—conditions which arouse fear, which is emotion (your creative energy). Your emotion has habitually gone out to your current conditions, recreating them. And when you picture your Ideal it thus seems cold, dead, and unreal.

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