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Listen to episode 201 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Creative Originals | Success & Living Up to Your Potential. Adapted from Stepping-Stones to Success by Horace D. Hitchcock.

Podcast Excerpt: You have the power within you to do something well and to do it like no other person — you have the power of original creation. You are in a world of your own. You can, to a certain degree, develop and enlarge that power so that it will bring you more happiness, money, prestige, or whatever it is you earnestly desire to possess.

Countless thousands are plodding along day by day in the same manner in dead end jobs. Many cling on, trusting to good luck to carry them through. Every success to them is “pull” or just plain “luck.” Thousands drift on as ships on the tide, in utter oblivion to the greater prosperity and happiness that would come to them through the proper development of their own talents.

“What’s the use?” they ask, and go on blindly in the same old way. “It is so very easy for you successful people to sit back and tell us poor devils how to succeed” is the wail of another person, implying again that luck is a synonym of success and lacking appreciation of the effort, the hard work, the years of concentration that brought the rewards of success.

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