Make Your Lives Extraordinary | Henry Harrison Brown

Listen to episode 204 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Life is Good: Make Your Lives Extraordinary. Adapted from Concentration: The Road To Success by Henry Harrison Brown.

Podcast Excerpt: Antagonism is weakness. Resistance is negative. You are influenced by outside suggestions. Denials, “Don’ts,” are negative. They leave you nothing upon which to rest.  Affirmations, on the other hand, are solid foundations. For this reason say, “I like!” (Speak not of what you do not like). Think upon what you wish, not upon what you do not wish, for your thought is creative.

I would like you to think upon this until you can live in non-resistance — by ignoring all conditions of antagonism; by so concentrating your thoughts upon the things and conditions you desire, that you will recognize no excuse for contention. No one thing in all mental habits is harder to accomplish than this.

Remember to always mind your own business. Any argument or antagonism, is minding another person’s business. All persons have an equal right as you to think and act as prompted from within. In giving them this right in your thought, you cannot resist anything they do. You will think and act your thought freely. And since Goodness, Truth, and Love, are realities and are all, when you affirm these you will be powerful.

Steel yourself with positive affirmations about life. Don’t bark against the bad, but cheer the beauties of the good. When you concentrate on “cheering,” you cannot bark. Which shall it be? Will you be a growler, or the one who cheers, in the arena of life?

Stop fighting and begin to love life — all of life. The good and the bad. The joyful and the painful. The successes and the failures. The Universe is wise. The Law of cause and effect is divine. Love the Law. Agree with it. Denials are antagonism. Agree with your adversary, and let Love have sway!

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