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Podcast Excerpt: From every person according to their ability; to every person according to their needs. The larger responsibilities are placed upon those to whom are given the larger means of achievement. So it is a mistake to fancy that the possession of great riches will relieve us from doing all the tasks and duties that are inevitably essential for the health and happiness of ourselves, of others, and of all humankind.

No matter in whatever walk of life we may find ourselves, we must exercise our muscles, or they will become weak and useless. We must stir and interest our hearts, or they will grow hard and unresponsive. We must use our minds, or they will become dull and inactive. We must employ our consciences, or they will grow to be blind and unsafe guides that lead us into dark distress.

To be employed does not mean that we must necessarily work in the fields, or in the factory, or in the office. There are a thousand ways in which we may serve the world. The only requirement is that we shall devote a portion of our time and energy to genuine service in behalf of our brothers, our sisters, our parents, our teachers, our friends, and all the world. And we must be grateful for the chance to serve others, and deem it an opportunity rather than an obligation.

Above all, we must find delight in the work we are privileged to do. Everyone should enjoy life. Life was made to be enjoyed. And I mean life itself. Our very living and breathing. It is a divine pleasure to inhale a breath of fragrant air on a charming summer morning. And what jewels can compare in color or brilliancy with the pearly dewdrops that shine and glisten in the early sun!

And the sun, itself! The great, mysterious, miraculous sun! — its myriads of vibrations dancing in the warm air like golden fairies and dazzling one’s eyes with their wondrous beauty — filling one’s soul with love, and one’s body with health.

And in the evening, when the day’s work is done, there is above us that mysterious depth of star-spangled sky. We cannot fathom its mystery, but like a stream of grace descending from heaven, we can feel the cool, refreshing dew on our upturned brow. Until at last we feel that we should like to take wing and actually fly up among those unknown worlds, and come back with a great story to tell. And even though we cannot grow the wings, we can go up in fancy and come back with the following message: “Live life, love life, enjoy life, if you would overcome all fear of death.”

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