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Podcast Excerpt: Some people complain that they cannot find words for their thoughts, when the real trouble is they cannot find thoughts for their words. The woman or man who thinks laboriously will express themselves concisely. It is only by labor that thought can be made healthy, and only by thought that labor can be made happy.
It is not the depth of thought which makes obscure to others the work of a thinker — real obscurity comes merely of inadequate thought embodied in inadequate language. What is clearly comprehended or conceived, what is duly wrought and thought out, must find for itself and seize upon the clearest and fullest expression.

Thoughts are but dreams till their effects be tried. The best thoughts are ever swiftest on the wing; the duller lag behind. A thought must have its own way of expression, or it will have no way at all. The thought that lives is only the deed struggling into birth.

There is much need of independent thought in our day. Too many yield to the opinions of others without asking or meditating upon their accuracy or application. Often-times the masses are enslaved to opinion, especially in political matters. This may have been necessary in some countries in the past, where but a few ruled, but not in our country today, where, through proper education, all are taught to think.

Books and internet access are so cheap now that the poorest can have access to all channels of thought. Books, however, should only be used as an impetus to set the mind in motion and set it to prying deeper and farther into nature’s hidden recesses and boundless realms of truth — or, as a stone that is cast into the calm bosom of the lake causes waves to roll and roll on against the remotest outlines of the shore.

It behooves us to cast off the shackles of opinion and walk resolutely before the world, guided by a well-grounded opinion of our own. Every man and woman ought to enliven their age with new thoughts and new ideas — adding to the great store-house of ideas thoughts that will live though empires fall and language dies. Such women and men raise the world from one degree to another higher in the scale of civilization and intelligence. Such are the lives that receive the plaudit, “Well done!” Such are the lives that are virtuous, noble, and godlike.

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