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Podcast Excerpt: The practice of public speaking, the effort to marshal all one’s forces in a logical and forceful manner, to bring to a focus all the power one possesses, is a great awakener of all the faculties. The sense of power that comes from holding the attention, stirring the emotions, or convincing the reason of an audience, gives self-confidence, assurance, self-reliance, arouses ambition, and tends to make one more effective in every way.

One’s judgment, education, character (all the things that go to make a person what they are), is being unrolled like a panorama in your effort to express yourself. Every mental faculty is quickened, every power of thought and expression stirred and spurred. When you are a speaker, you summon all your reserves of experience, of knowledge, of natural or acquired ability, and mass all your forces in the endeavor to express yourself with power, and to capture the approval and applause of your audience.

On the other hand, when you are a writer, you have the advantage of being able to wait on your moods. You can write when your feel like it; and you know that you can burn your manuscript again and again if it does not please you. There are not a thousand eyes upon you. You do not have a great audience criticizing every sentence, weighing every thought. You don’t have to step upon the scales of every listener’s judgment to be weighed, as does the public speaker.

Instead, you may write as listlessly as you please, use much or little of your brain or energy, just as you choose or feel like doing. No one is watching you. Your pride and vanity are not touched, and what you write, may never be seen by anyone. And also, there is always a chance for revision.

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