The Duty to Be Happy | Happiness by Hugh Black

Podcast Excerpt: There are some people who have the happy gift of putting moral oxygen into the atmosphere, so that all can breathe more freely. We habitually underestimate these buoyant and vivacious souls, who do so much to brighten the lot of their friends. We often take it as a matter of course, and sometimes do not realize how they warmed, and cheered, and comforted us, until it is too late to acknowledge our debt. However, the best way to acknowledge it is to turn it into a duty for ourselves, and to take our share in the task.

We too can learn to be a little less morose, and grudging, and selfish. We say that our friend’s gift is merely a matter of temperament, and do not realize that their courage and brightness still requires effort from them sometimes.

Why should not we too join the goodly company of the encouragers? Why should we not learn a little of the large tolerance and the blithe courage and the genial outlook, which would contribute to the joy of others? This temper, whether natural or cultivated, does much to ensure the best kind of success.

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