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Today’s reading is edited and adapted from The Key to Health, Wealth & Love by Julia Seton, published in 1917.

THE reason we do not have love is because we do not know how to get it. Everyone in this world does exactly the best as he or she knows how. When we know better, we will do better.

Life as an initiation requires us to learn how to live alone and not be lonely. But it should not take anyone a lifetime to get this lesson; the whole lesson of life may be in one hour’s passing — not dragged through endless years of effort and strife.

We want love. Nature demands it, for latent in every soul is the recognition that love is the fulfilling of the law. Without the softening and vivifying influence of love, all that is best in human expression sinks into oblivion.

The world has need of the lover, the poet and the minister. It has a great place for these tender souls who pass along with their very beings the intensifying singular power of life — in all and through all. The great teacher, the great physician, the great actor, the truly great individual, in any expression of life, is the great lover. We must have all this energizing power alight within our souls so that (touch life where we may), we shall not sink down into the dull gray of the commonplace, and pass along the dead within us.

Those who have come into real Love never rest, for their whole life is filled and vitalized with a new divine power; they have heard the Universe’s call in the depths of their own being. They have within them from the first, all for which the rest of the world is striving, and their sense of the divine Love is so strong that it includes all humanity.

In the last analysis, all life is simply the call of heart to heart, life to life, Deep to Deep of being. It is truly said, “Love is the only thing that pays for life or makes death welcome, and those who work out in the hot harvest fields of human effort and human unfoldment must have their souls aglow with a divine compassion, that they may be able to take the hand of every faltering life that touches their own, and speak for it the words of Peace and Power and Love — speak them with such a strength of conviction that they fall like a benediction upon each discouraged heart, and aid it to turn around and lead on again to the hill-tops of a new, inspired living.

We must have love, else how can we touch those whose spirits are broken? And how else can we give them a sunrise of greater things?

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