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Podcast Excerpt: To be complete and strong, you must embrace integrity with your whole being, and extend it to all the details of your life; and it must be so thorough and permanent as to withstand all temptations to swerve into compromise. To fail in one point is to fail in all. And to allow, under stress, a compromise based on falsehood, howsoever necessary and insignificant it may appear, is to throw down the shield of integrity, and to stand exposed to the onslaughts of evil.

You are not truly armored with integrity until you have become incapable of lying or deceiving, either by gesture, word, or act; until you can see (clearly, openly, and freed from all doubt) the deadly effects of such actions. On becoming thus enlightened, you are protected from all quarters, and can no more be undermined by dishonest people than the sun can be pulled down from heaven by madmen — and the arrows of selfishness and treachery that may be poured upon you will rebound from the strong armor of your integrity and the bright shield of your honor, leaving you unharmed and untouched.

As the liar thinks all people are liars, and treats them as such, so the person of integrity treats all men and women with confidence. You trust them, and they trust you. Your clear eye and open hand shame the creeping frauds so that they cannot practice their fraud on you. As Emerson has so finely put it — “Trust others and they will be true to you, even though they make an exception in your favor to all their rules of trade.”

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