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Now, on to today’s reading, which was edited and adapted from “New Thought Healing Made Plain” by Kate Atkinson Boehme, published in 1918.

IN the forming of an organism, there is a moment when the Quickening comes; and from that moment, the organism becomes a creature of new life and action. Before the Quickening it has life in a certain sense; that is, it grows and has some functional activities. But after the Quickening, it has a new power: that of independent movement, of acting upon impulses of its own. From being a negative being that is acted upon, it becomes an acting entity, an individual with a will of its own.

Take the embryo of a bird in the egg, for instance. The yolk of the egg gradually assumes the form of the bird. Little by little, it develops a spinal column, heart, lungs, etc., and all the while it is being nourished in its growth by the albumen in the surrounding white of the egg.

When the form of the bird is nearly complete and it is ready to break forth from the shell, the Quickening comes, and with it the instinct to work its way out of the shell. The bird was alive before the Quickening, but it was acted upon rather than acting itself. With the Quickening comes a higher, more positive life, and the power to move and achieve for itself.

So is it with the human embryo on a larger scale and to a higher degree. From the instant of the Quickening, the foetus becomes something dynamic, and finally assists in its own delivery at the time of its birth.

There is an all-pervasive analogy between things physical and things metaphysical, and so I can infer that there is a Quickening in the mind of Man (in the mind of Woman) for which preparation is made. For a long time the mind is vague and neutral in its action, but all the while it is growing, developing, forming for the Quickening. In other words, we are not yet fully individualized, and we must prepare to take a step upward into a higher individualization. We must make ready for the mental Quickening.

All our vague and superficial thinking is really working to an end in which it shall take on orderly arrangement around a central thought and become positively organic — for what is true of the embryo is equally true of the embryotic individual, the human being.

And after the Quickening comes the birth into a higher life. All along the line of Evolution things are being born again upon the next higher plane. The one-celled organism is born again as the two-celled, the three-celled, the many-celled organism, and so Life sweeps on in its upward trend.

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