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Podcast Transcript: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast, brought to you in part by Book of Zen, makers of wearable inspiration for a better world. Today’s podcast has been edited and adapted from Three lectures on “The Laws of Financial Success” by B.F. Austin, published in 1918…

Financial success is won by those who dare to think big. Little thoughts, plans, and ideals beget little interest, little effort, little enthusiasm in the individual, and awaken little or no interest in the minds of others. The radical difference between the popcorn vendor at the fair and the next Steve Jobs is in the size of their ideas and concepts. Pop-corn ideas beget a popcorn life. Great ideas, projects, and enterprises rouse the soul of the individual to the effort, courage, and daring that is commensurate with grand ideas.

Great individuals cannot be approached with any project of a trifling character; time and mental force are too valuable to waste on things not “worthwhile.” An entrepreneur should continually plan greater and still greater projects for themselves and have the courage and daring to embark upon these new enterprises, trusting in the unfolding powers of their own soul, in the great law of evolution, and in the “Star of Destiny” to crown their efforts with success.

Great Ideas and Projects (if accompanied by sound judgment, proper plans, and proportionate enthusiasm) produce Great Men and Women and Great Success.

To begin, you must cultivate a strong will—for the will is the directive faculty of the soul, and when in harmony with Nature, it becomes the channel of personal and spiritual energy, as real as the force of gravity or electricity. If wrongly directed, it cannot of itself insure success, for the human will is always (sooner or later) subject to the Divine Will and Karma.

There seems to be no real limit to human achievement, when in harmony with Nature’s laws and pursued unfalteringly with a strong and unconquerable will. The basis of all personal power resides in this will. All great and successful people possess it in high degree. A strong will is a mighty cyclonic force in human nature, one that creates a current of vibrations toward its possessor, along which are brought the very objects that have been willed. It operates by natural law, yet its results seem at times miraculous.

In the temple of your own soul, you should (by frequent affirmation) assert your Will and Ability to conquer all difficulties. For example, you might frequently say to yourself: “I can and I will—for the human will can carve a path toward any goal, though walls of granite intervene.”

It is this type of Will Power, developed in high degree, which transformed a little Corsican boy into one of the world’s most famous military leaders and conquerors, Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon would regard nothing as impossible, insisting that the word “impossible” was only found in the dictionary of fools, that it was not a French word at all. When told that the Alps stood in the way of his victorious march into Italy, he simply said: “There shall be no Alps,” and then set his engineers to work on building a road through the mountains.

If you seek wealth and financial success, you must keep all your mental faculties alert in watching for “openings,” “chances,” “favorable tides.” And be fertile enough in plans and bold enough in courage to take full advantage of them. The old saying is true that but “once to every person and nation comes the moment to decide.” Or as Shakespeare said, “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at its flood, leads on to fortune.” You should ready yourself in advance for these open doors.

The individual at work should always be ready for a higher post. Those who do not more than fill their positions are not fitted for a higher one. Read the lives of people who have risen from the lowest to the highest rung of the ladder and you will find these individuals prepared themselves in advance, and by extra service prepared their own advance…..

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