The University of Hard Knocks | Ralph Parlette

Podcast Excerpt: Let me not hear you complain about growing old. We are not growing old; we are growing eternally young. All our life up to today has been merely preparation for today. This is the greatest, wisest, happiest day in all our lives.

As we overcome, we ascend the Mountain of Life. We rise above the legacy of our limitations. We rise above troubles and storms into the sunshine. We rise to life’s mountain summit and see the night below us.

We are Little Children, always growing UP, but never finishing. We are called to keep on serving, to keep on overcoming, so that our days may be Longer, Stronger, Happier — so that we may have all the Good Things of Life.

Now, the life of an adult is mainly routine. You and I and everybody must go on doing pretty much the same things over and over and over. Every day we have about the same round of duties. But if we go on doing just the same things in the same way over and over (just turning round and round in our places and not growing any), pretty soon we’ll begin to shrivel and our bones will rattle.

We must be learning and growing to hold our place. The worker must be getting a new vision of their craft or trade. The entrepreneur must be learning something new about their business. The parent must be getting a wider vision of parenting. And on it goes.

Today, you and I want things beyond our reach. We just want them; oh, how we want them! But a cruel fate won’t let us have them. That cruel fate is our own smallness. We are not big enough. Grow greater and we get them.

We have today all we can stand today. More would wreck us. Remember that “No good thing will be withhold from them” that grow great enough.

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