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Podcast Excerpt: The people who do big things, the history makers, carry themselves like winners; they give the impression of conquerors. We know that they are victory organized by the very impression they make on us. They have a triumphant expression in their faces. They look the part they play in life, and act as people who are in the habit of doing big things.

No matter who you are, you can fill an important place in your business or profession. So far as the quality of the work is concerned, you can be near the top in your field. Even though you are not the biggest in it, you can soar high; you can carry yourself as befits your divine inheritance.

It is a disgrace for us to go about as though life were a failure or something that did not mean much to us. You should go among the masses, as though you were in just as important a position (so far as your life is concerned), as a President or a Prime Minister. Your dignity, your self-respect, your divine birthright must be upheld. This is an imperative.

You have a definite and divine part to play on the stage of life; and you must play your part like a child of God. If your appearance and manner suggest the idea of invincibility; if those who see you, feel that when you embark in an enterprise it means victory or death (that you will hold on in everything you undertake and see it to a finish), it will be a wonderful asset to you, better than any financial capital or any personal influence or backing.

On the other hand, if your appearance indicates that you are weak-kneed, that you lack stability and staying power; if you have a crushed, defeated attitude; if you give the impression that you could be easily defeated, that you will show the white feather and succumb when the battle gets hot, people will have no faith in you. They will know that you are not reliable; that you are a weak character and not success organized, and they will treat you accordingly.

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