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Podcast Excerpt: We must work to get back tone and muscle into our lives, until it is possible to stop one activity and turn to another (varying the approach, stroke, and strength behind the effort) with as much agility and deftness as a skillful tennis player uses to meet the shifting play of a good opponent.

If we could know each day just the necessities that we should be called on to meet, we could prepare ourselves in advance, and flexibility and ingenuity would be uncalled for. Since that does not happen, we must get ourselves into training to meet the infinite calls that are made upon us, instead of, as we usually do, discharging easily only one or two matters which are natively congenial to us, and getting through the others awkwardly, blindly.

The following exercises which I am going to suggest to you have been drawn from all over the world. None of them is “arbitrary” in the sense of being “pointless”; each develops or strengthens a faculty of the mind which should be kept in good condition, if a life is to be led purposefully and under one’s own control.

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