The Lord’s Prayer – Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller Version of Lord's PrayerRenowned architect and futurist Buckminster Fuller (1895 – 1983) was widely recognized for his unique blend of philosophical fringe-thinking, which combined a love for science with a mystical vision of life and the universe.

Fuller once pointed out that legendary scientists like Galileo and Kepler had been excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church as “heretics” for abandoning the idea of an anthropomorphic God (i.e. an elderly white-bearded man in the clouds) but that this did not mean that they had abandoned their faith.

In other words, it very easy for scientists to remain spiritual, and even Christian, without actually believing in a God who takes a human form. Like many progressive Christians, Buckminster Fuller believed that our ideas pertaining to faith and religion must evolve along with our more complete understanding of the world and our place in it, as revealed by new scientific discoveries.

Because of this belief in the evolution of religion, Fuller created his own scientifically-inspired rendition of the Lord’s Prayer and it became a centerpiece of his Christian faith. He referred to this new version as the “Ever Rethinking the Lord’s Prayer” and it was something he meditated on and reworked every night before falling asleep. Here is one version:

Ever Rethinking the Lord’s Prayer

Oh god, our father — our furtherer,
our evolutionary integrity unfolder
who are in heaven — who art in he-even,
who is in everyone hallowed (halo-ed)
be thy name (be thine identity) halo-ed —

the circumferential radiance,
the omnidirectional aura of our awareness of being
ever in the presence of that which is greater,
more exquisite and more enduring than self —

haloed be thine identification,
which is to say the omnidirectional
vision and total awareness is a manifest of your identity,
which name or identity is most economically stated as:
truth is your identity —

By truth we mean the ever more
inclusive and incisive comprehension,
which never reaches but always approaches
closer to perfection of understanding
and our awareness is ever a challenge by truth —

Truth is embraced by and permeates
the omnidirectionally witnessible integrity
of omni-intertransforming events
which ever transpire — radiationally,
which means entropically in the physical;
and contractively — gravitationally —
which means, syntropically in the metaphysical
both of which — are characterized by either
the physical expansion toward ever-increasing disorder,
of the entropic physical; or the metaphysical contractions
toward ever-increasing order of the syntropic metaphysical;
and these pulsating contractions-expansions
altogether propagate the wave and counterwave oscillations
of the electromagnetic spectrum’s complex integration —
of the omnienvironment’s evolutionary reality
and its concomitant thought regeneration
which altogether constitute what we mean by total being.

Hallowed or haloed “be thy name,”
which means your identification to us,
Your kingdom come! — your mastery of both
the physical and metaphysical Universe
emerges as the total reality;
Your will be done —  your will of orderly
consideration and mastery of the disorderly be done
on our specialized case planet
and in our specialized case beings
and in our special-case consciousness
and in our special-case intellectual integrities
and in our special-case teleologic integrities
as it is in your generalized case he-even (heaven).

We welcome each day our daily evolution
and we forgive, post give, and give all those who seemingly
trespass against us for we have learned retrospectively
and repeatedly that the seeming trespasses
are in fact the feedback of our own negatives,
realistic recognition of which may eliminate those negatives.

For yours, dear god —
oh truthful thought is our expression proven manifest
of your complete knowledge,
your complete understanding,
your complete love and compassion,
your complete forgiveness —
subjective and objective,
your complete inspiration and vision giving,
and your complete evolutionary volition,
capability, will, power, initiative
timing and realization —
for yours is the glory —
because you are the integrity forever and forever,


Now, some people might be utterly confused by that metaphysical version of the Lord’s Prayer by Buckminster Fuller. But if you enjoyed that and are interested in esoteric interpretations of the Our Father Prayer, then you may want to check out the analysis that was done by Rudolf Steiner at: The Esoteric Meaning of the Lord’s Prayer.

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