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If you need guidance in your personal or professional life — a close mentor to inspire you toward greater success, happiness, and personal growth  — The Living Hour can help.


Ajarn David (founder of The Living Hour) is now providing online life coach and mentoring services via email. As a long-time educator, business consultant, entrepreneur, and host of the Inspirational Living podcast, David’s life coach advice is based on both his personal experience helping others, as well as the time-honored principles of character building, positive psychology, and the development of a success mindset — principles that have been promoted in the past by such teachers Norman Vincent Peal, Earl Nightingale, and Orison Swett Marden.


Whether you need advice regarding your career, business startup, relationships, family, or spiritual path in life, Ajarn David is here to provide you with an attentive ear and inspirational guidance.


If you have any immediate questions about David’s online life coach service, please check the chat box on the right to see whether he is online. If he is online, he’ll be happy answer your questions. If he’s not online, you can send a message.


How eCoaching Works


Having experimented with various types of online coaching packages, we have found that the most efficient (and cost effective) way to offer this service is on a 2 email (1 session) basis.


2 Emails = 1 Consultation = 90 Minutes


In other words, you can expect that David will spend 90 minutes reading your 2 emails (1 Primary + 1 Follow Up), analyzing your situation, and writing his inspirational advice and commentary.


You can describe as many problems (and ask as many questions) as you like in your email to David, but please keep in mind that you are hiring him for a 90 minute consultation.


So, it usually is best if you describe in detail only one particular situation with which you need help. David thus can spend more time focusing his attention on that, rather than spending a brief amount of time dealing with a number of problems.


So, to summarize, the eCoaching steps are as follows:


Step 1)  Purchase the email coaching service below. You will receive a confirmation receipt of your purchase and where to send your email within 15 minutes. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please make sure it did not accidentally get filtered into your email spam folder.


Step 2)  Send an email to David describing in detail the life situation or problem that you are facing, and a specific question (or questions) for him to answer.


Step 3) David will spend 1 hour considering the details of your situation and writing his personal guidance on the matter. You will receive his response within 1-3 weekdays (Mon – Fri).


Step 4) After reading David’s response, send him a short follow up email with any specific questions that you may have regarding his suggestions and feedback.


Step 5) David will spend 30 minutes on this follow up email, answering your final questions. You will receive his follow up response in 1-3 business days.


New Life Coach Chat Service: Some clients have requested a 90 minute live chat (text) consultation, instead of the virtual coaching by email. To request a live text chat instead of email coaching session, simply tell David in your first email after purchasing the consultation below. Together you will then arrange a time(s) for 2 separate 45 minute life coach text chats.


Life Coach Email Consultation

Price: $90

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CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. David currently has a full schedule of clients that he is working with. If you would like to be placed on his waiting list, please send him message via our Contact Form.


SPECIAL FREE OFFER: Order the online life coach consultation and receive the e-book Evergreen: 50 Inspirational Life Lessons and Everest: 50 Motivational Life Lessons (a combined $19.98 value) for free.


*Note that you can purchase multiple 90 Minute email consultations during checkout, if you know that you would like to hire David for several sessions, detailing separate issues.


The Benefits of Online Life Coaching by Email

1) It is much more affordable than hiring a certified life coach to mentor you in person. It is especially affordable for those who wish to receive continuous periodic advice and feedback.


2)  It is often times easier to express yourself in writing than when under the pressure of an in-person consultation with a life coach.


3)  It gives you more time to contemplate and consider your situation, as well as the advice that you receive. You can refer to David’s written advice again and again.


4) It is more convenient for those with busy schedules, who find it difficult to arrange a one-on-one meeting with a professional life coach.


5) For long term clients, it allows you to maintain a written record of the progress you are making in your life, and the value that you are receiving from David’s advice and suggestions.



About Ajarn David: Life Skills Coach


David’s Thai Farm & Future Resort: Isaan Green

Ajarn David grew up in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Kutztown University. He also attended Appalachian University, where he did his graduate work in Philosophy, Religion, Jungian Psychology, Literature, and Writing.


David moved abroad in 1997 and taught at the University of West Bohemia for several years, before eventually moving to Thailand in 2001. He has lived in Thailand continuously since that time, working at several universities, and as an education and business consultant, specializing in marketing, communications, and curriculum development.


It is in Thailand where David picked up the appellation “Ajarn,” which means “professor” in the Thai language. He is married with children, and now splits his time between his farm in the Northeast (Isaan) and his home on the Eastern seaboard of Thailand.


David is the founder of The Living Hour, which developed the Autosuggestion Sound Method that forms the basis of its successful MAJESTY self-development meditation program, and which produces the Inspirational Living podcast, which is listened to in over 50 countries and has been downloaded more than 4 million times.


Listen to 3 of David’s Most Popular Free Life Coach Lessons from the Inspirational Living Podcast


Courage is persistence; courage is pluck. Courage is luck, because with courage, success and the achievements we desire are brought into existence — wrung as it were from fate or chance.


When you do not succeed, when no one seems to care for your service, or for your talents, there are two things to do: do your best and love much. Do not condemn the world because it is slow to appreciate your worth; when you do this you push the world further away from yourself, and its appreciation will decrease instead of increase.


The individual of definite purpose is the person of conquering spirit. They are the leaders and the molders of our environment. They set the pace for others and point the way. They know which way they are traveling, and why they are traveling, because they have a vision. They can see the end from the beginning, because they have created it in their imagination.


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