Did Jesus Laugh? – The Humor of Christ

did-jesus-laughThe Dalai Lama of Tibet is said to have an extraordinary laugh, one that rises frequently and joyfully from deep within his body. This is something we don’t attribute to Jesus much: laughter. We get so caught up with Jesus’s end game and the “man of sorrows” image that we lose sight of how much fun he must have been to be around.

After all, Jesus certainly wouldn’t have been welcomed to the dinner table of so many sinners and outcasts had he been a bore1. He kept telling his disciples to “be of good cheer,” and he wasn’t the kind of teacher to be all talk. Jesus must have been full of cheer himself, with a spontaneous sense of humor and a hearty laugh.

When we laugh we leave ego and pride at the doorstep; we forget and forgive ourselves, as well as the trespasses of others. We move closer to Christ and the kingdom of heaven at hand. “Eternity is a mere moment,” said the writer Hermann Hesse, “Just long enough for a joke.”


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  1. Now that the Son of Man has come, eating and drinking, they are saying: “Here is a glutton and a wino, a friend of tax-gatherers and sinners!” And yet wisdom is vindicated by her actions – Mat 11:19 []

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