The Majesty Program

Mindfulness of Self


Abundance of Blessings


Joyfulness in Everything


Equanimity with Everyone


Strength of Purpose


Thankfulness for Life


Youthfulness of Vision


The MAJESTY Program is a comprehensive self-development affirmations program that uses The Living Hour’s powerful Autosuggestion Sound Method.


The unique positive affirmations in this program will work toward rebooting your subconscious mind with the thoughts and feelings that will transform every aspect of your life — bringing you greater success, happiness, and fulfilling relationships.


Download the 20 minute MAJESTY Program in MP3 format to play on your smart phone, ipod, computer, or other digital audio device.


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Using The MAJESTY Program

autosuggestion-meditation-affirmations1) Watch the preparation videos to prepare your conscious mind before starting The MAJESTY Program: AutoSuggestion Preparation.


2) Listen to each MAJESTY autosuggestion repeated 7 times. The bell will then sound twice to signal that it is your turn to repeat the autosuggestion (affirmation) between the bell sounds.


3) Repeat the MAJESTY autosuggestion between the bell sounds. It is best if you can speak the affirmation out loud, but if you are lying in bed with another person and feel self-conscious about this, then repeat it to yourself while simply moving your lips.


4) Always maintain a gentle, effortless smile during the entire Majesty Program meditation audio. This is very important because a smile will automatically create an emotional response in your body by releasing endorphins and serotonin into your system—which in turn greatly enhances the effectiveness of the meditation and your ability to internalize subconsciously the affirmations.


5) Play The MAJESTY Program meditation twice a day: Every evening, while lying in bed, just before going to sleep. And every morning just after waking. Repeat this process without fail for 30 days.


6) After 30 days, you can reduce the schedule to once a day, playing the meditation preferably just before going to sleep. After 60 days, once a week (minimum).


Learn more about The Autosuggestion Sound Method used in The MAJESTY Program at the following link: Autosuggestion Technique.


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