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FAQs About The MAJESTY Program (Autosuggestion)


I purchased the MAJESTY Program and did not receive an e-mail with my download link. What should I do?


Please first check to see that our email was not accidentally filtered into your email Spam folder. If you are using an iPhone or iPad to check for the email, please check the Spam folder on your laptop computer. For some reason, the Spam folder shown on an iPhone or iPad sometimes does not show all of the emails that get automatically filtered into the Spam folder.


Still can’t find the email? On very rare occasions, a customer may not receive the automatically generated email with download link after making their purchase. This is usually due to some issue related to your email service provider. If this should happen, not to worry. Simply send us an email via our Contact Form, and we will manually send you a download link as soon as we read your email.


Why can’t I download The MAJESTY Program onto my iPhone directly from the download link?


By default, an iPhone does not permit the direct download of MP3 files except from the iTunes store. You can only download an MP3 file directly with your iPhone if you have a special 3rd party app installed.


If you do not have such a 3rd party app installed on your iPhone, you will need to download The MAJESTY Program first to your laptop computer. Then sync the MP3 file to your iPhone. Here are the three steps to follow:


1. Using your purchased download link, download The MAJESTY Program MP3 file to your laptop.
2. Copy The MAJESTY Program MP3 to the iTunes library.
3. Connect your iPhone and sync your iPhone with The MAJESTY Program MP3 selected in the music section.


Do I need to wear headphones when listening to The MAJESTY Program?


We do recommend using headphones, so that your mind can fully take in the binaural beat background track used in The MAJESTY Program audio. Using headphones should be easy enough to accomplish during the night-time meditation session, just before going to sleep.


Occasionally, some people have difficulty making time for the morning meditation session with headphones. If you find yourself in that situation, then you could play The MAJESTY Program aloud without headphones, while doing another morning activity (but not while driving!). Just be sure to repeat the affirmations aloud joyfully and with a grateful heart. If the mood strikes you, they could even be sung out loud.


Will the effects be stronger if I listen to The MAJESTY Program twice in one sitting?


No, we recommend playing The MAJESTY Program only once during each session. Remember that the key to the successful use of autosuggestion is: positive affirmations + positive emotional responses. It is difficult to maintain the appropriate emotional responses/feelings attached with each autosuggestion, when playing The Majesty Program more than once per session.


Sometimes one of the autosuggestions will suddenly rise into my consciousness during the day. What should I do when this happens?


You should smile! Because that means the autosuggestions are beginning to work on your subconscious. As you continue to use The Majesty Program, you will increasingly find yourself suddenly reminded of a particular autosuggestion, especially during difficult, aggravating, or anxious times.


For example, you may feel compelled to respond in anger or irritation to something that someone has said or written to you, when the Mindfulness autosuggestion suddenly is called up, reminding you that you are mindful of your emotions and careful with your words. When this happens, stop, smile, and feel grateful for the fact your mind is helping you take the steps necessary for a happier, healthier, and more successful life.


If it’s convenient, you could also take 30-60 seconds to reflect on the particular MAJESTY autosuggestion you’ve suddenly recalled and its relationship to your life and old habits.


I find it hard to fully believe a certain affirmation. For example, how can I try to be fully grateful for “everyone” in my life, when some people have deliberately hurt me?


That is a common obstacle. But one that must be overcome, in order to experience the full benefits of The MAJESTY Program. If you find yourself struggling with fully accepting a particular autosuggestion in the program, then you need to enlarge your perspectives and work out a way that can make the acceptance happen. Everyone can do this.


For example, you might have been bullied by certain people in your past or currently. You might even have been physically hurt. How can one feel grateful toward such people? There isn’t any single correct answer. But here are a couple suggestions: you could feel grateful that these people have showed you what it feels like to be bullied, thus teaching you never to bully others yourself; or perhaps the bullying allowed you to realize a strength within yourself that you never would have realized otherwise.


I am having trouble quieting my mind before playing the Majesty audio. Any suggestions?


This most often occurs during the bedtime session, especially among those who often have trouble sleeping. It’s best to avoid all electronic devices (TV/computer/smartphone) at least 30 minutes before going to bed and engage in some other activity, such as reading an inspirational book, writing in a journal, listening to classical music, yoga, etc.


I have been using my own autosuggestions (or another affirmations system). Can I continue that in conjunction with The Majesty Program?


Yes, you can. We recommend using The MAJESTY Program at bedtime. And the other autosuggestions or affirmations program in the morning.


How long should I continue using The MAJESTY Program?


The MAJESTY Program should be used twice daily (unless used in conjunction with other autosuggestions/affirmations) for 30 days. Then daily for the next 30 days. After 60 days, the number of times a week may vary, depending on the person. At the very minimum, we suggest once a week. However often you do decide to use the program per week, we encourage you to make it a fixed schedule—such as every Sunday evening before going to bed, helping you achieve the right frame of mind to begin the next week.


After 30-60 days, when you have seen the positive impact that The MAJESTY Program has had on your life, you might also consider having us create a pair of personalized Autosuggestion Sound Meditations to help you achieve a more specific goal more quickly. Read about ordering the customized autosuggestion audio package toward the bottom of the following page:


I am a therapist/researcher and would like to conduct a study using The Majesty Program? Can I make copies of the Majesty audio to use in our study?


We are happy to work with established therapists and researchers who would like to study the effects of the Autosuggestion Sound Method and The MAJESTY Program. To obtain permission to make free copies of The MAJESTY Program audio for the participants of your study, please contact us using the form below—telling us a little bit about yourself and the proposed study.


For answers to further questions that you may have, be sure to read our article on the Autosuggestion Sound Method.


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