The Majesty Program

About The MAJESTY Program

The MAJESTY Program is a comprehensive self-development affirmations program that uses The Living Hour’s powerful Autosuggestion Sound Method. The unique positive affirmations in this audio meditation program will work toward rebooting your subconscious mind with the thoughts and feelings that will transform every aspect of your life, bringing you greater success and happiness in your personal & professional relationships.



Prepare for Using the Program

Prepare your conscious mind for using The Majesty Program. In the following videos, you will learn about the latest research in the New Science of the brain, much of which forms the scientific basis upon which the AutoSuggestion Sound Method rests.



About the Autosuggestion Sound Method

The AutoSuggestion Sound Method improves upon the traditional method of conscious Autosuggestion. Our new method is a guided meditation process that uses a wide variety of general formulas and specific affirmations for learning skills faster and overcoming negative habits. The suggestions are combined with a background of binaural beats and Tibetan bell sounds which makes the Unconscious mind more susceptible to receiving autosuggestions, thus enhancing results in a shorter period of time.



The History of Autosuggestion

The AutoSuggestion Sound Method is a new technique that builds and improves upon the work of French psychologist and pharmacist Emile Coue. During the early 1900s, Coue proved that optimistic Autosuggestion could be used to reset our brains to achieve maximum well-being, health, and prosperity. However, the idea that we can transform our lives by repeating positive thoughts or affirmations did not start with Coue, but is a practice that stretches back to the ancient world.



Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about using The Majesty Program and Autosuggestion Sound Method.



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