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Who better to serve as your online life coach, than the most eloquent and inspiring authors of the past? In our growing catalogue of podcasts, we feature readings from the edited works of just such inspirational authors.


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1) Free Life Coach Advice on Living with Authenticity


“Remember to always follow your inner genius and never imitate. Your own unique talents are something that you can offer others at every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation. But if you try to imitate the talents of another, you will only ever succeed by half. That which you can do best, none but your Maker can teach. And no person yet knows what your gifts are, nor can they, until you have shown them.


Where is the master or mentor who could have taught Shakespeare? Where is the master who could have instructed Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Joan of Arc? Every great person is unique. What makes Van Gogh Van Gogh is precisely that part he could not borrow. Another Shakespeare will never be made by the study of Shakespeare. Develop your own gifts and talents with reckless abandon toward distant horizons. Live true to yourself. Live now.” Ralph Waldo Emerson



2) Online Life Coach Advice on How to Stop Worrying


Every bit of pain that has happened to you has brought its experience to you — you are better, wiser and broader for it. Look at it in that way, and you will cease to mourn and wail and wring your hands over the fact that in the past you (quote) “have done those things which you ought not to have done, and have left undone those things which you ought to have done.” Nonsense! You have gained the experience and know better now.


If you were placed back in the same old position, and lacked the experience that you have gained by just such things, you would do the same old thing over again, and in the same old way. You couldn’t help it, because you would be the same old person. What you would like to do would be to be placed back in the same position, and face the same old temptation or problem, taking with you the experience you have gained by your former mistake. – William Walker Atkinson



3) Free Life Coach Advice on The Power of Gratitude


The grateful mind is always an open mind, open to the newer, the higher and the better, and therefore invariably coming into possession of more and more of those things. The entire race is moving forward with the stream of continuous advancement; better things therefore are daily coming into the life of each individual.


If we do not receive them, the reason is that our mind is more or less closed on account of the lack of gratitude. So let us remember that the mind must be grateful for everything in order to be open to the reception of new things and better things. We simply cannot receive better things unless we are truly grateful for that which we already possess. This is the law in this matter, and it is a law that will stand up to the most rigid analysis. – Christian D. Larson



4) Online Life Coach Advice on The Secret of Being Happy


Of the people we know who are miserable and dissatisfied, a very large majority are making all their trouble by allowing their thoughts and feelings to dwell upon and magnify their problems. It is not what the people about us do, or say, or think, that makes or mars our happiness. It is what we are in our inner lives.


When we have formed a habit of thinking and feeling that everything is working together for good, so that we hold that state of consciousness without effort, the flame of joy will burn so brightly in our hearts that nothing can dim the “splendid radiance” which it throws over our lives. We must not permit a single hard or bitter thought to remain with us. – Ida Luella RettingHouse Lyon



5) Free Life Coach Advice on Success & Unlocking Opportunity


Nobody can hand you a ready-made key to open the door of success. You must fashion your own key and find the combination of the lock for yourself.


No magician can waft you to the heights of fortune and fame. You cannot fly there on the wings of an airplane. The road, often rocky, has to be traversed on foot.  You, and you alone, can supply the motive power. You, and you alone, must put forth the necessary exertion. No one can remove from your shoulders the burden of the effort. You must do your own climbing. – B. C. Forbes



6) Online Life Coach Advice on Building Self-Confidence


Have confidence in yourself. Believe in your ability to do big things. Only by having faith in yourself, can you compel others to have faith in you. Think big thoughts and back them up with big deeds. You can, if you will. And you will.


Many a little seed has longed to develop and send a little shoot up toward the sunshine. But growth has always been delayed until suddenly the outer wall that limited its growth is burst apart! Many lives are in the same condition: the wall of thought that limits them must be burst before real growth can occur. – Benjamin Johnson



7) Free Life Coach Advice on Building a Success Mindset


If you would be happy, if you would win out in the battles of life, renounce your selfish desires, enter a worthy vocation, and render the largest service possible to your age and generation. Take no thought of self except to improve. Do all the good you can, to everyone you can, in every way you can, and no matter how humble your position in life, or how busy your days, you will grow mentally, morally, and spiritually.


Learn to take advantage of opportunity. This is the corner-stone of success. Get away from the old idea that opportunity knocks once and only once at every person’s door. Opportunity is knocking all the time. Every moment, every situation, position, and condition of life is an opportunity. Yes, even every calamity, misfortune, and disappointment bring with them compensating opportunities, if we are only wise enough to see and take advantage of them. – Newton N. Riddle



8) Online Life Coach Advice on How to Live Boldly


Take this moment to get a grip on yourself. What other people have done, you can do. There is no power on which any other person can draw that is not also free to you. Banish the enemy fear, and you are the equal of any person. Don’t merely listen to these statements as sentences. Examine yourself to see if they are true.


Think of the number of times where fear has destroyed you. Try to find just one instance where fear has helped you. Count the times where you suffered the tortures of the damned through fear of things which you found afterwards were mere figments of your imagination. – Clare Tree Major



9) Free Life Coach Advice on Accepting Others as They Are


When we realize that to attain even a partial control over our own thoughts is a wonderful achievement (while complete self-mastery borders on the miraculous), the absurdity of trying to regulate the behavior of others is made so plain that no one can evade admitting it.


Action is the manifestation of thought. Imagination then may be said to be pictured thought, while personality is the materialization of Imagination. The more active the imagination, the more ingenuity is required to guide it into constructive paths and away from those that lead to criticism and condemnation of others whose conduct does not happen to meet with our approval, or whose example we fear may not be quite what it should be for somebody else. – Benjamin Johnson



10) Online Life Coach Advice on The Power of Imagination


All transformation begins with an intense, burning desire to be transformed. The first step in the “renewing of the mind” is desire. You must want to be different (and intend to be different) before you can begin to change yourself.


You must make your future dream a present fact. You do this by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled. By desiring to be other than what you are, you can create an ideal of the person you want to be and assume that you are already that person. If this assumption is persisted in until it becomes your dominant feeling, the attainment of your ideal is inevitable. – Neville Goddard



11) Free Life Coach Advice on Living a Joyful Life


When things do not come your way, never mind. Continue to count everything joy, and everything will change in such a manner as to give you joy. If you are seeking the best, all things will work together in such a way as to give you the best, and your heart’s desire shall be realized—possibly not today, but life is long; you can wait. That which is good is always good. It is always welcome whenever it comes. In the meantime, you are living in harmony and joy, and that in itself is surely a good thing.

The person who lives constantly in gloom drives even the sunshine out of their own mind; the clouds of gloom are so heavy that they fail to see the brightness that is all about them. However, the person who counts everything joy will change everything to brightness and thus receive joy from everything. – Christian D. Larson



12) Online Life Coach Advice on Achieving Your Dreams


Whatever an individual concentrates upon, they tend to get, because concentration is just as much a force as electricity. The young person who concentrates upon law, thinks law, dreams law, reads everything they can get a hold of relating to law, who steals into court rooms and listens to trials every chance they get, is sure to become a lawyer or judge.


It is the same with any other vocation—medicine, engineering, literature, music; any of the arts or sciences. Those who concentrate upon an idea, who continue to visualize their dreams, to nurse them, who never lose sight of their goal, no matter how dark or forbidding the way, get what they concentrate on. They make their minds powerful magnets to attract the thing on which they have concentrated. Sooner or later they realize their dreams. – Orison Swett Marden



13) Free Life Coach Advice The Power of Spoken Words


Every word that is spoken exercises a power in your personal life, and that power will work either for or against you, depending upon the nature of the word. You can talk yourself into trouble, poverty, or disease. And you can talk yourself into harmony, health, and prosperity. In brief, you can talk yourself into almost any condition, desirable or undesirable.


Every word is an expression, and every expression produces a tendency in some part of you. This tendency may appear in the mind, in the body, in the chemical life of the body, in the world of desire, in character, or anywhere in the personality. Our expressions determine largely where we are to go, what we are to accomplish, and how we are to meet those conditions through which we may pass. – Christian D. Larson



14) Online Life Coach Advice on Staying Calm in a Stressful Age


Every word that is spoken exercises a power in your personal life, and that power will work either for or against you, depending upon the nature of the word. You can talk yourself into trouble, poverty, or disease. And you can talk yourself into harmony, health, and prosperity. In brief, you can talk yourself into almost any condition, desirable or undesirable.


Every word is an expression, and every expression produces a tendency in some part of you. This tendency may appear in the mind, in the body, in the chemical life of the body, in the world of desire, in character, or anywhere in the personality. Our expressions determine largely where we are to go, what we are to accomplish, and how we are to meet those conditions through which we may pass. – George Lincoln Walton



15) Free Life Coach Advice on the Power of Optimism


Remember that it is harmful to form a habit of continually finding fault, of criticizing, of seeing nothing but the weak points in others. Try to get into a frame of mind where you will be constantly seeing and calling attention to the strong and beautiful things which you observe in the life and work of those around you.


Grow into the habit of talking about the bright side of life. When you meet a fellow co-worker, friend, or anybody, get into the habit of calling attention to the bright things of life that you have seen; the things that are beautiful, the things that are charming. – Booker T. Washington



16) Online Life Coach Advice on the Importance of Hard Work


Nature tolerates no halfness. The individual who wants hard hands must not, at sight of the first blister, fling away the spade, the rake, the broad ax or the hammer; for the blister is a primary condition to the needed hardness. To abandon work is not only to throw away the means of success, but it is also to part with the ability to work. To be able to walk well, one must walk on, and to work with ease and effect, one must work on.


Thus the law of labor is self-acting, beneficent, and perfect — increasing skill and ability according to exertion. Faithful, earnest, and protracted industry gives strength to the mind and facility to the hand. Within certain limits, the more that a person does, the more they can do. – Frederick Douglass



17) Free Life Coach Advice on the Power of Thought


Life is growth and the object of right thinking is to promote that growth. Give less time trying to change the opinions of others, and more time trying to improve your own life. Life becomes the way it is lived; and we may live the way we want to live when we learn to think what we want to think.


Create your own thought and you become what you want to become because your thought creates you. We all know that we are as we think. Then we must think only such thoughts as tend to make us what we wish to be. The secret of right thinking is found in always keeping the mind’s eye fixed upon the greater and the better in all things. – Christian D. Larson



18) Online Life Coach Advice on Living a Purpose Driven Life


A great purpose is cumulative; and, like a great magnet, it attracts all that is kindred along the stream of life. It is the individual of intense purpose, directed toward a single idea, who turns neither to the right nor to the left, though a paradise tempt them, who cuts their way through obstacles and forges to the front. Concentration is the keynote of every success story.


We ALL have the ability enough to succeed; the rays of our faculties, taken separately, are all right, but many of us are powerless to collect them, to bring them all to bear upon a single spot. Versatile individuals, universal geniuses, are often weak, because they have no power to concentrate their talents upon one point, and this makes all the difference between success and failure. – Orison Swett Marden



19) Free Life Coach Advice on the Power of Persistence


Lack of persistence is a weakness common to the majority. But it is a weakness which may be overcome by effort. The ease with which a lack of persistence may be conquered will depend entirely upon the intensity of one’s desire. The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire produces a small amount of heat.


If you find yourself lacking in persistence, this weakness may be remedied by building a stronger fire under your desires. Great fortunes (be they figurative or literal) gravitate to those whose minds have been prepared to “attract” them, just as surely as water gravitates to the ocean. – Napoleon Hill



20) Online Life Coach Advice on How to Stay Calm and Motivated


We who are calm have our course in life clearly marked on our chart. Our hand is ever on the helm. Storm, fog, night, tempest, danger, hidden reefs — we are ever prepared and ready for them. For we are made calm and serene by the realization that in these crises of our voyage, we need a clear mind and a cool head; that we have nothing to do but live each day the best we can by the light we have; that we will never flinch nor falter for a moment; that, though we may have to tack and leave our course for a time, we will never drift, we will get back into the true channel, we will keep ever headed toward our harbor.


When we will reach it, how we will reach it, matters not to us. We rest in calmness, knowing we have done our best. If our best seems to be overthrown or overruled, then we must still bow our heads — in calmness. – William George Jordan




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