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Today’s reading has been edited and adapted from The Power of Mental Demand, and Other Essays by Herbert Edward Law, published in 1916.

To push one’s business forward, to develop one’s purpose (conceived in the mind and resolutely determined on), means a steadfast application to it — bringing to bear upon it every mental force that one possesses. To have resolutely in mind a purpose is to have made the first and greatest step toward it.

The difference between those who achieve mediocre success and those who rise high above it is in this mental resolution, this development of a purpose, this pushing of a business. It is not necessary to the creation of a great business that you understand and realize at the beginning the complicated problems that you will have to meet and master. But it is essential that you recognize the necessity of doing each thing as it arises to be done, and doing that thing well, doing it the best within your power.

Whether you are a master of mechanics or of media, you became so by learning one thing at a time. The person who now controls great interests may have seen the time when they had only the slightest knowledge of the interests they now so easily direct.

Remember that the exercise of a faculty increases its power. Thus as you exercise the faculties called out and required in building your business, their power to meet conditions grows. Having resolved on your business, now proceed to push it and push it with every hour that you devote to business. Do it thoughtfully; put into it every mental force that you have at your control. The constant association, the high resolve with the efforts that sustain and back it up, give you added strength for the problems and duties of tomorrow.

Having once resolved upon or desired a calling, a vocation, a business, you will naturally be drawn to it. There is a direct force that carries you towards the object of your desires. Every day you are both consciously and unconsciously working to an end. And if the end is the building of your business, then every day will find you doing those things which advance you step by step in that direction.

With the heart set on a purpose, with a love for it, with a constant association with it in thought, there comes that direction of effort that exercises all intelligence — that application of abilities which in due time will make you master of the situation.

Feel yourself a leader — believe yourself to be one, and you put yourself in the attitude and current that draws to you everything that contributes to that end. Dare to aim high. Dare to display the grit, the adhesion to purpose, the constant pursuing of methods which shape toward the ends you have selected.



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