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Podcast Excerpt: The great value of exercise is that it results in superfluous energy. The person whose own life-forces are at their best cannot help over-flowing in exuberant gladness to lift up the hearts of those they meet. Herbert Spencer spoke eloquently of this joyful energy in his book Data of Ethics, where he says:

“Bounding out of bed after an unbroken sleep, singing or whistling as they dress, coming down with beaming face ready to laugh at the slightest provocation, the healthy man and woman of high powers enters the day’s business not with repugnance but with gladness; and from hour to hour, experiencing the satisfaction from work effectually done, comes home with an abundant surplus of energy remaining for hours of relaxation. Full of vivacity, they are everywhere welcome. For their spouse, they have smiles and joyful talk; for their children, stories of fun and play; for their friends, pleasant talk interspersed with sallies of wit that come from such buoyancy in living.

It is wise to recall that old biblical maxim: “Unto everyone that has shall be given, and you shall have it in abundance.” The reward of exertion is the power to make more exertion the next time. And the reward of regular exercise and habitual cheerfulness is the ability to meet the world at every turn in the consciousness of your power to master it, and to meet others with that good cheer which disarms hostility and wins friends.

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