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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from a lecture that was delivered by Harriet Hale Rix, at the Hotel Brighton, Washington, D. C., in 1914.

I would like to make a statement here at the very beginning and have you plant this statement, this idea, in your heart as you would a seed: to grow. My statement is this: That the more difficult the situation is, the higher you will rise if you think correctly about it. Let us make a familiar and close communication with the heart of the affairs, so that in the future (when we may need to be strong under great pressure or temptation) we may, through this correct thinking about it, be buoyed up and comforted.

This is an excellent rule and true of all our activities, especially of prosperity, that when you think correctly about a thing, you are master of the situation and no evil in it nor loss nor limitation can hold you down or bind you.

The question you probably are asking is, “Well, how am I to know what the correct thinking is, about a particular situation?” I believe that the only answer to this is to think about the circumstances (whatever they may be) in terms of health, joy, freedom, and prosperity.

Prosperity does not consist in the things you possess, in the money you have in the bank. In fact, we might say (from a metaphysical standpoint) that if you absolutely understand prosperity, you have no need of a large bank account.

Prosperity is a way, a mode, of thinking. So is poverty. You are poor if you class yourself this way, and you are rich if you can think rich thoughts, thoughts that are constructive, optimistic, unlimited: these instantly crown you successful.

The mentality must first be rich towards spiritual knowledge and consciousness. I cannot think of wealth and prosperity and success as a lasting possession to those who callously regard the spiritual life. Dr. Maurice Bucke, who studied cosmic consciousness for over thirty years, states that in all his examinations of men and women, he never came across a single case of heightened consciousness where the individual was bent on making money; whose whole conception of life was accumulation.

This is the law: you cannot both work for a great ideal and work for selfish ends. It is a mistake to simply work for a (quote) “living”. To work this way is to be a slave to others. You are not here to work strenuously in order to merely pay the bills. Your life is inspired and inspiring all about you. Whoever comes in contact with an inspired soul realizes the beauty of it, and is inspired to also live truly.

The rich mentality is so full of awakened consciousness, so absolutely certain of the Truth, the Ideal, and the Real, that it never fears poverty. It is not being hindered by any effort to fight poverty, or lack, or want. It is all love, all peace, because it is the love of recognized good.

The rich mentality fears nothing, and is free from the burden and care that the world groans under. It is not under the law of wear and tear and exhaustion, because it knows that the potential good is inexhaustible.

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